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  1. Greetings,
    Thank you for checking out my ad! I'm currently seeking more partners for my 'network of creators'. Every single member holds an excellent grasp of their particular realm of design, be it scripting/coding, prim building, texturing, mesh work and even business & marketing. We all hold a proven track record and need more hands on deck.

    What does signing up require? Well, proof of skill set, obviously. Willingness to partake in our ventures, and a love for earning!


    Mesh Artist
    Sound Effects/Foley Artist

    What's the pay grade? Bonuses at completion + sales percentages.
    Why work with us? Guaranteed income. Access to skills you don't have, for no/low cost, enabling you to access greater markets and sales.

    Feel free to IM me in world, Michelangelo Carpaccio. Or drop a note card. I'll contact you ask quickly as possible.
  2. Hello, I am looking to hire an animator with skills in poses and moving animations. I'm in need of a collection (about 10) animations in all. I haven't a clue what to going rate for animations are these days so feel free to IM me in world with a bid. I would need the animations full perm and preferably exclusive.

    Michelangelo Carpaccio
  3. I've accumulated a decent pile of L$ and would like a good way to multiply and add to it!

    I'm looking for someone with a skill set and no capital or someone with the big idea that needs a kick to make it happen.

    IM or drop a notecard in world and maybe we can make something happen ~ Michelangelo Carpaccio
  4. Hello Second life! I'm Mickey C. I'm a live performer in SL, and I'm here to offer my services. Do you own a club? Pub? Event stadium? Live Venue? Or is your rezday, wedding, or kick ass house party coming up?

    Let me provide the Rockin' tunes!

    I have a set list of well over 75 song you can pick and choose from, everything from 1950's rock n roll to classic rock of the 60s and 70s. Hair bands of the 80s and metal a plenty. If you can think of it I can probably play it blindfolded and upside down.

    I'm a guitarist and my rates are beyond fair, everything is negotiable. I have a decent following to ensure you won't be hosting a dead club!

    I.M. Me, in world @ Michelangelo Carpaccio

    Let me rock your face right on off.
  5. Do you have a nack for negotiations?
    Do you know the who's who of the SL club circles?
    Do you have a track record as an agent or manager?

    I'm a live performer in SL, and I'm looking for an amazing booking agent to handle my scheduling. Pay is determined on skill and experience. Base pay + commission for an exceptional agent.

    Serious inquiries only, please.

    I.M. Me in world, Michelangelo Carpaccio
  6. Hello, thank you for viewing my ad.

    I am seeking someone to represent and negotiate on my behalf. It's a demanding job and the success or failure is shared. As a live musician the grind of finding and negotiating live performances eats gigging time.

    Job dutys:

    Reach out to venues.
    Present an offer to the venue(s).
    Negotiate fees rates and time slots.
    Close and present the gig to me.

    Job requirements & preferences:

    Be friendly
    Be professional
    Be goal oriented
    Be comfortable with crowds / groups.
    Be comfortable approaching new people.
    Have a "more more more" mentality.
    Know sales basics

    What's the pay?

    200L$ /week + Commission + bonuses. Earning potential in the thousands for the person with "the right stuff"

    I.M. Me in world, Michelangelo Carpaccio
  7. Silence leads to insanity, online radio leaves no control, DJs are great, but live musicians set the place on fire! (In a good way!!)

    Hello, I'm Mickey C. I've been playing, practicing and studying music, with focus on guitar for around 5 years. My skills and dedication to a great experience are available in second life. Be you needing music for your club, pub, lounge, wedding, Rez day, or just for because, since music is life. I've got quite a few open slots on my SL gig schedule.

    I specialize in rock / metal but my range of ability allows me to reach much farther. If it's a guitar centric genre that isn't grunge or indie I can handle it. I have song list available in world that covers my available songs, some 50+ options.

    IM me in world (Michelangelo Carpaccio) to schedule an audition and discuss terms. I look forward to rocking your face right off.
  8. I'm in need of a new PR manager to represent me. This job is not for the timid or faint of heart.

    If you are..

    Popular / Well liked.
    Always looking for fun.
    Wanting to line you pocket.
    Have a take charge additude.
    And can handle the word 'No'

    I want to speak to you. The job is simple in theory.

    Manage/hire/fire PR staff. Act as a buffer between myself and others. Make sure my events and gigs are hopping with music lovers and party animals alike. My success is your success. Base pay, plus bonuses, plus comission! It rains money on the best suited individuals. Make sure that's you!

    IM me in world for an interview! Michelangelo Carpaccio
  9. Greetings,

    I am seeking someone skilled whom can create textures for mesh objects and mesh clothing, UV maps will be provided.

    All I ask is, you stick to my ideas/designs as closely as you can and that you can follow my notecard explainations and reference pictures well enough to pull my vision to reality. Nothing should be too outlandishly complex.

    I'm also seeking a UV mapper to unwrap my 3D models since for some reason I cannot grasp the theory behind it well enough.

    IM me, Michelangelo Carpaccio in world to discuss your abilities and payment
  10. As it turns out, my live music gigs have really taken off nearly over night! But it seems to have grown too quickly for me to manage everything alone, so I'm looking for some real people-person type people to fill a couple needs to lighten my load so I can focus on what pays us.

    If you're a goal oriented self starting hungry go getting machine of a beast that enjoys being in smack dab in the middle of all the action, this just may be perfect for you. It's a commission based job, somedays have guaranteed minimums so you won't go bust. Bonuses for the most killer of killers. IM me in world ~ Michelangelo Carpaccio
  11. Hello, I am a very experienced guitarist whom is new to playing in SL. I'm seeking gigs to fill my schedule. I prefer weekly set gigs, but one time would work as well.

    My gigs can run from 15 minutes to 12 hours (yes, HOURS) and my fee is negotiable. I will happily audition for anyone interested so you can hear for yourself, but I always get an ovation.

    I have a song list of over 50 songs, from classic hits to classical and most everything between a long with a few original compositions. I do take requests if they've been selected from my list.

    You can feel free to contact me for your club/lounge, weddings, house parties, or just a private gig for you and that special someone. IM me in world, Michelangelo Carpaccio an I will respond as soon as possible.
  12. Camping is so 2005. Hunting for coins to boost someone's traffic is tiresome being an 'exotic dancer' can be demeaning.

    I'm looking for a handful of people to promote and set up Live music gigs for me. You'll earn commission plus bonuses and you can always enjoy the show.

    One time gigs are fine, reoccurring is better. No experience needed just be fun friendly outgoing and a music lover IM me in world for details and tips to do the job. Work as often or as little as you'd like, the commissions keep rolling on reoccuring gigs, the only limit is time in the day to squeeze in gigs and your own desire to make consistent money!
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