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  1. Are you boring? Do you enjoy long hours of platform standing doing absolutely nothing? Are you easily distracted by netflix, youtube, facebook, buzzfeed, ect? Then have I got a deal for you! For the low low price of your time, you could be my new best friend! I spend 99% of my time in sl, standing on my platform wishing I had friends, but not actually wanting to go out to clubs to ride the struggle bus of finding new people. I am shallow. I may not find your avatar attractive, but if you aren't low quality then I don't have an issue being seen with you. No flexi hair, no flexi clothes, no bling, stop the t-rex arm trend. I like taking pictures. I hate editing them, so I don't do it often. I am lazy. I am lazy. I enjoy standing on my platform not doing anything because sometimes walking around and looking for RP takes effort and I don't feel like it. I am child avi friendly, I have one of my own I play sometimes. We can be friends there too. I am family community friendly. I am not looking for a FWB. This is strictly platonic with a possibility of dirty pictures from time to time - there will be no dick involved in said pictures as I am too lazy to make it match. I am easily distracted by netflix, youtube, tv, ect. I'm too lazy to write anything else. If you want to be my friend, feel free to message me in-world and we shall see how it goes. I look forward to meeting my new best friend!
  2. First things first, I am a male avatar. Second things second, I am female irl. Third things third, I rp as a 19 year old on the family side of SL. If you can get past those things I would love to meet you in world and see if we get along. Feel free to shoot me a message when the grid comes back up. I won't be watching this thread, so responding here won't get a response! Look forward to meeting new people!
  3. Rp ages 17-19 I'm a guy. Just need some people to hang with when I log on. Send me an IM inworld
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