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  1. To whom it may concern: i fixed the problem by doing the downgrade of Firestorm. BoM is not really that important in comparison to high quality snapshots, so i downloaded and installed the version 6.2.4 available at the link Rolig provided. My snapshots are fine again. I'll use this version until they fix the problem on a next patch. Thanks, all. ^_^

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  2. So, i usually take snapshots and they end up just fine but after last update there's this glitch that make some of the shadows have very ugly harsh lines.

    Info that might help: The shadows are perfect while ingame, the lines only appear on the saved snapshots. It happens when i'm with advanced lighting model on. I never had this problem before. I use Firestorm Viewer and NVIDIA Graphics Card. The lines are more noticeable in high contrast of lights and shadows, so i presume it has something to do with it, but i don't know. 


    download (1).png

    download (2).png

    download (3).png

    download (4).png


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  3. Hiya! I'm Yoko, an odd (but good) mix between two completely different countries. I don't log on SL everyday but when i do i like to spend my time in fun, enjoyable ways. RL is tiring enough. Therefore if you take yourself too seriously, i'm probably not a good sidekick for you. 

    I'm definitely a loner, but always open to meet interesting people. If you wanna have a good chat about anything or just someone to brighten up your day from time to time, i'm your girl. I like photography, fashion, mythology, games, beautiful things and so on. Wanna know more? I'm one IM away. 

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