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  1. I don't have a credit card so I've always used paypal for my rental. Now I've lost my rental and I'm trying to get it back but paypal isn't working all of the sudden. 

    My paypal gets money from my bank account but it also has an empty prepaid credit card attached to it because I remember reading that it needed that to buy L$. It's been like that for a long while and has never caused me any issues.

    What should I do? I'd like to have a home again. Haha. 


    ((Going to add that I am Canadian and have NEVER been able to reach any support phone lines. Never.))


    Addition: Okay then why has it worked for years so far and now isn't?

  2. I've been trying different methods to purchase L$ for a while now and none have worked. I don't own a credit card but I have a debit card, however the debit card doesn't seem to work because it doesn't have a listed expiry date on it. When I try to purchase pre-paid cards they don't seem to work either (YES I went to all the other supported L$ exchange sites. I went down the list and none of them worked.) It's very frustrating because I HAVE the money and yet no way to put it into the game, which is all I want to do! Can anyone give me any suggestions. 

  3. I have a couple outfits I change between frequently and it's a real hassle that I have to put them all together manually and remember the names of everything.


    But when I try to save my outfits they all end up saying "There are no items in this outfit" when I go to wear them!


    What should I do?


    ((Nothing happens. Like I said I click the saved outfits and they say there's nothing in them.))


    ((But here's the weird thing... It works fine on my alt account!))

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