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  1. thank u yes i notice there is no link 0 hehehe i thought link 1 will be  replace by link 0

    i made a little sample thats seems i am looking for i can get link description i want 



    touch_start(integer total_number)
    integer i=2;
    integer i2=3;
    llOwnerSay(llList2String(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(i, [PRIM_DESC]), 0));
    llOwnerSay(llList2String(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(i2, [PRIM_DESC]), 0));


    now i hope no more trouble thanks again for your help Rolig  ^^ and also Qie only now i understand what Qie trying to say ahahaah :)


  2. your right i want to place numbers in the description fields of prim link #2 and link #3 and link 0 will be scoop them up and display them on link 1 :(

    placing number on object details prim link  #2 and #3  is not my problem i am done doing that i only need to know how can i scoop them up so i can display it on prim link 1 :(

  3. Need help i want to read object details from prim link 2 and link 3


                [PRIM_DESC,message]); //this code  to set my linked prim link  object details from prim link 2 and 3
    //prim link 2 and 3 have this code on script


    prim link 0 will be get object detail of prim link 2 and 3

    any hints or clue how i can do if possible? i am almost done with my project ^^ i only  need to read that object details Q_Q hope u can understand what i am trying to say sorry for bad english :( 


  4. integer gChan1 = -12345;integer gChan2 = -67890;string gMess1;string gMess2;default{state_entry(){llListen(gChan1,"","","");llListen(gChan2,"","","");}listen (integer channel, string name, key id, string message){if (channel == gChan1){gMess1 = message;}else if (channel == gChan2){gMess2 = message;}if (gMess1 != "" && gMess2 != ""){string strch1 = gMess1;string strch2 = gMess2;integer ich1 = strch1;integer ich2 = strch2;Original_number = (ich1+ich2);float Smaller = Original_number / 10.0;integer Rounded = llRound(Smaller);integer Final_number = Rounded * 10;llSay(0,Final_number);gMess1 = "";gMess2 = "";}}}


    What do u think is the problem here to make it round off to nearest tens? all bold letters i added and modify .

  5. wow thank you thats what i need i change a little bit to your work that 

    llSay(0,gMess1 + " " + gMess2); //result if both channel send 1 is 1 1 it should be 2 to do that i make string and integer to add them up

    i have another question if sender is from getobjectdetail from two channel and add them up like what we did on 2 channel message difference is it came from object details any idea?

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