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  1. Half time post: :)


    Just a reminder for context and for keeping my post on topic that references have been made several replies in my thread regarding Ebbe's announcement.

    If you haven't seen it and wish to, it can be found for viewing and discussion specifically in the following thread:


    Ebbe's announcement thread


    If anyone has any other theories regarding my topic I am still interested to hear from you please!

  2. Hi Wanda

    So by your reply, I am taking it that you think one cause could be the impact or Ebbe's announcement which is indeed covered in another thread.

    I'll be honest with you and tell you that this is also my feeling to.

    I have chose for the moment to keep an open mind hoping that there could be other reasons. Wishful thinking on my behalf yes, but one can remain hopeful just for the balance.

    I also wish you luck to Wanda, and I hope for a bright outcome for everyone.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.





  3. Hi Drake

    No I don't need to 'Nutt Up'

    I don't feel I am 'whining'

    No I don't feel 'ashamed.' (Strange assumption)

    I simply exercise my right not to do so for my own personal reasons.

    I am asking for feedback 'generally' about what has already happened prior to my post and have no wish to manipulate my post to divert sales from here in the forum.

    As far as I can see, I have been respectful and appropriate and made no assumptions about potential whineyness, lack of ability to 'Nutt Up' or raised a question about someone's shame! I would deem that to be a tad unfair and presumptious . . .

    Thank you for your reply



  4. Hi Drew

    I am not adding anything to any panic. I have a real time scenario here that I am looking for answers to (regardless of what the answers or the problem may be) and I am seeking feedback from other sellers to see if they have a take on things.

    If you have chosen to connect it to the other issue that's fine, but this thread isn't about that and as you know, there is a whole other thread dealing with that subject alone.

    Drew, with respect and reservation - please don't suggest I am fear mongering. That is simply not true and highly inaccurate.

  5. I own a very long establish Market Place Store that has enjoyed steady unwavering sales over the last 4 years.

    Over the last three days I have sold one item. I usually do at the very least 35 sales a day.

    I see a huge thread developing regarding proposed SL changes and this post 'IS NOT' to discuss that.

    I would like to know if any other retailers are having same issues?

    If this trend continues, I will move my business to Inworldz.


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