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  1. Looks like a main rollup....

    "Investigating - We are performing an unscheduled maintenance to our login systems. Residents may experience log in issues in world as well as secondlife.com. Please keep an eye on this blog for status updates 
    Aug 22, 05:46 PDT"

    I trust LL-God and believe things will run so fast after and no lag ever...

    has been knelling and praying for hours now

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  2. Thank you for your answer Bobbie...

    I'm even more discouraged :)  but I won't give up.  I think this is an important issue for the Mesh bodies future.  This capacity isn't only for D/S purposes but also for general RP and Gaming.

    It took me few weeks to understand how Slink works and how the Slink Physique appliers works too, but I do not understand how things (script-programming) work behind.

    I imagined things more simple as I thought the Makers "just" have to made an external Applier HUD which will be assigned to a specific person and will force synchronisation.

    Well thanks again, I'll contact Siddean Munro, she gave me great support when I bought the Physique :)

  3. Hello All and hope that I am posting  in the right forum (if not... sorry)

    I have been roleplaying for 6 months (Games-Gor-D/S) and I am addicted to OpenCollar RLV.  I bought, 2 weeks ago, Slink products for my SL Avatar (hands-feet-physique) and I am deeply in love with as they are doing a really nice job and more than I expected.  

    As you know, prisms clothes can be worn throught an Applier HUD, which works perfectly... BUT:

    My problem is that my partner can not play or detach thoses clothes as it was possible before with my RLV because the other person needs a HUD to turn off different layers I put on OR needs an eraser to detach these layers.

    Does anyone know how Slink physique works with RLV?


    Thank you :)

  4. You are probably refering to an Avi Tracker held by someone else whom he put your name on.  There is no way to get rid off.

    I am having the same problem, as soon as I'm logging on, I receive IMs from "unknown" people.  I assume my online status is given to them throught this Tracker and the only solution I found is to block them.  At least, they can't tp close to me (except if they are in the same SIM) or tp me to them.

  5. Best way is really to talk to the best people at the right place.  Don't forget this is an adult issue and your subject will be adressed as well.

    SL is like  real life.  If you need answers to your interrogations, feelings and want to make a coming out this forum is not the best place for it.  Try searching a sim or a group and you will find people with the same questions.

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  6. I have the same question.  We have lot of notes that we could read offline (class notes).  


    I heard it was possible with singularity viewer to export them but I think it is in XML and I am not into...  So maybe cut&paste is the only solution.  This world is definitevely not perfect

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