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  1. It is very confusing on which templates you should download and what object files

    I clicked on "Second Life Avatar Mesh" and the others shown with the arrow

    The first one sent me to the way back machine, where it was just a bunch of numbers on the page same as the second one

    Now the links seem to be working, so whatever you did it worked lol

    Thank you 




  2. 10 minutes ago, Elyeah said:

    I find it difficult at times too and I am thinking of switching to the Doyle bungalow style Victorian as the Li allowance would be plenty for it. I do find myself constantly checking Li on items now when I go shopping. I didn't really do that before.

    I know right, I never checked this before either, but now I am constantly. It's amazing how high most of the items are in LI

  3. On 4/24/2019 at 9:11 PM, Blush Bravin said:

    This thread is dedicated to showing off our homes on the new continent. Please no advertising. Please keep your sight seeing pics for the thread Patch started. This is just for showing off what you've done with your Linden Home and Garden. Here's my first entry.

    Of all the homes I looked at during the preview I told myself I'll never live in the Alderley. I just thought it was too small and I hated the layout. But I had a vision of what it could be and I couldn't be happier with it now. It's just surprising how much house this can be. So I'll start you off at my front door.


    The home now has a grand front hall with a view to the backyard. The waiting bench beckons you to the back of the house. On the left of the front door is the huge bathroom.


    The bath is so big the tub has it's own little alcove with a draped entry. I seriously could have a party inside my bathroom it's so large! Then out into the hall again and into the bedroom.


    My bedroom is so large that I even have room for a chaise.


    Moving back down the hall we come to the kitchen.


    The glazed french doors lead to the outdoor living space.


    And I'll show you what that's like in my next post as I've run out of room for more pics.



    Sooooo Gorgeous! Wow!

    Where are your curtain from? 

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  4. These are beautiful!!

    I am envious!

    It just blows my mind that you all can decorate it so beautiful and with SOO much furniture!!

    I struggle so much to just get two Items of furniture in....and by the time I do....I have no prims left

    Maybe I am just shopping in the wrong stores and buying too much prim heavy furniture

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  5. Thank you for posting this topic.

    I just discovered my entire store on  the MP was unlisted.

    I am so confused as to why.

    I was not notified of this via email and I get regular emails from my MP products and SL in general, so I am not sure why it would not come through when all others do.

    I am able to manually relist them with no error message.

    Going through 134 items to relist is a bit of a pain though

    I have contacted customer support so I will just  have to wait and see the outcome

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  6. Hi There,

    I hope this is the right forum to ask in.


    A few days ago I bought some Gacha's off the Marketplace.

    One of them came as an empty box. I am aware this can happen, but it hasn't happened to me before this.


    My question is...I looked in my transaction history of the record to when I bought it, but it gives me numbers of the transaction. Is there a way to find out WHO I bought it off? And the item name of what I bought? I download the xml file, but, still it gives me numbers of the transaction and not the actual name of the item or who I bought it off.

    I want to make a ticket to Linden Labs about this, and see if it can be resolved, after messaging the person about getting my money back. So far after 5 days they have not responded.


    Thank you in advance for the help

  7. Hi,

    Just wanted to say that I had this exact issue tonight as well and so did my husband.

    I changed my password 2 years ago, it has not synced and I had to use my old password.

    My inventory was 2 years old out of date as well.

    I contacted linden labs as Whirly Suggested, thank you btw! And they synced my inventory, profile and password manually, everything is good now, except I can not teleport anywhere.

    They suggested to try the default second life viewer and see if it's still the same issue or clear firestorm cache or that it may be due to my inventory still syncing to why I am not able to.

    I will try in a few days to see if I am still not able to teleport.

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  8. Thank you so much for your reply regarding this.

    - I don't have managerial privileges in the group. I am just able to rez items

    - I don't own the parcel/land

    - The objects are not deeded to the group, just set to the group

    Surely there is a script that uses area search, plus your avatar key, that would be able to count prims that way?

    I understand what you are saying and I appreciate your help immensely as I have been racking my brain over this for days

    So I guess the only way is to:

    - Have Managerial privileges in the group

    - Deed a prim counter to the group

    - Or be the owner of the land/parcel

  9. Hi There,

    I have been racking my brain for the past 2 days trying to find a simple personal prim counter. You would think that would be the most easiest thing in the world, right? No lol

    - I have asked in the Builders Brewery. Some gave me options but they were not what I was after

    - I have looked all over the Market Place, not much luck there either

    - I have googled searched


    From what I have found so far are: Most prim counters will count ALL the prims on the parcel. Some will count your own personal prims if you DEED it to the group. Some are inaccurate. Some just plain don't work.

    What I am looking for: I have several shops at different sims, different locations. I need a simple prim counter that will count my personal objects and the amount of prims, giving me a tally of all of them so that I do not go over my prim count. Most of the places I am at, my objects are rezed via the group, so I can not simply just look in "About Land' and find the count there. I do have Area Search, which I have been using always to count them via that way, but it is highly time consuming when you have several shops and events you are going in all the time. I do not want one that counts everyone's prims on the entire parcel, just my own.

    I know that some of the prim counters may work if you can deed it to the group, but I really want to avoid that as it is just an extra hassle.

    There surely is some way to just have a script read your avatar key, or name, and some how take from the area search tool that can just tally it up that way?

    It seems like such a simple thing that could be easily done. If someone could help me or point me in the direction to where I could buy something like this I would very much appreciate it.

    Here are some things I have already tried:

    https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dr3amweaver-Prim-Counter-Deluxe/3922107 (This needs to be deed to a group)

    https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/heX-Free-Prim-Counter/177104 (this works great but will not count the prims if they are via a group)

    http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/scripting/113694-help-personal-prim-count-script.html (This is inaccurate) 


    Thank you in advance

  10. I am still trying to figure this out for myself lol

    I was looking for a master for awhile, I came across some ppl, just by joining groups that cater to this and talking in the chats on and off

    From what I have experienced so far, its not an easy task to just whip out a master in thin air and have it work perfectly 

    It will take awhile, trial and error to find someone that is going to suit you and what you are looking for

    There are many places and options you can put yourself out there to explore this more, that being, Groups on SL, Open Collar Temple, Gor, looking on the forums here for other ppl looking for the same thing or announcing new places that offer this services

    As for RP, well you need to just practise, I am still practising with my RP but I had to stop due to not having enough time as I am busy with other things like my business

    What I have found that ppl are pretty nice and decent most of them understanding that you are still learning and don't put to much pressure on yourself with it, I find myself not able to RP well if I am putting to much pressure on myself. Don't Try to aim to write a book either, most ppl I've talked to rather have someone emote a  sentence that is to the point and descriptive rather than wait 2 hours for a paragraph from a book.

    So yeah, you just have to give it a go explore, put yourself out there, talk to ppl


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  11. Yeah see this is what I thought. It is a perm business.

    I am not sure what category that would be under. I looked all over it but I couldn't see.

    If someone knows under which part I could, I would love to know or a confirmation that its definitely restricted.

  12. Hi there

    I don't use the forum much but do occasionally and now everything has changed.

    I would like to post about a new Gacha Event/Yard that has opened 

    Is this allowed and if so under what section am I allowed to post that in?

    Thank you for your time

  13. Hi

    I am looking to Rent a parcel, Land, skybox for my shop, so it would need to be Light commerical/commerical.

    Preferably full permissions would be wonderful, but if not just so I can change the land name to my store name and be able to set my objects to my group.

    Comment here or IM me in inworld - ipoisonivyi

  14. I am still yet to learn how to use blender, but thank you so much for replying and showing me another way in doing this.

    Its ashame there are not more options, but I guess thats how it is.

    Thanks again for your reply on this :)

  15. I totally hear you on this!! 

    I've only been back to SL for a few months and had no clue about secondlife to much really but im a fast learner and was quick to see this as well.

    I do not undertand why Maitreya would want to be that way, they are only holding back their own business like others have said.

    I am sure slink is racking in the money a lot more than Maitreya.

    I know that I did not want to purchase slink feet but because of the lack of shoe options out their for the Maitreya feet, I went and bought a pair....that says a lot.

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  16. Hi there :)

    For a few months now I've been creating, but I have run into another hurdle like you do as your learning, but for the life of me i've searched and searched everywhere to find out a better way to create seamless stockings or to get help in matching up seams more easily. There has to be another way than trying to inch by inch for 8 hours match up seams in photoshop???

    Usually I am able to research my way to find an answer to most of the issues that come up but this I have not come up with much after months of looking.

    I found that your able to use photoshop extended  to download the mesh avi files to paint on directly, but that only comes in the extended version, which I don't have.

    Then I stumbled upon Multi Chan Hax website and the various plugs in your able to download for photoshop but that only runs on a 34 bit system when my computer is  64 bit, plus the last post on the website was back in 2012 and I thought surely something new has been made since then that I'm not finding??

    I went looking at the secondlife wiki for answers, but most links I clicked were no longer working.

    Is there any other solutions out there that someone could guide me to or are these the only options I have?

    I try to learn everything for myself before having to ask ppl for help but this just has me frustrated :(

    I hope someone can help me find a soluation here


    Thank you

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