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  1. Have followed the instructions on the knowledge base article for uploading a mesh and am having trouble with Step 5 of the Getting Started section. Whenever I click the button to calculate the cost of uploading this mesh it just flags up an error saying that I have insufficient L$. This is just the calculate button mind you, not the actual upload one. I can't really add the funds to upload this without knowing how much cash I'm going to need but it just refuses to calculate it.

    Also found what appears to be the relevant part of the log if its any help:

    2014-05-14T01:24:26Z WARNING: LLMeshUploadThread:: onCompleted: Fee request failed. Not in expected 'upload' state.
    2014-05-14T01:24:26Z WARNING: log_upload_error: Error in stage: fee, Reason: (Http_200)
    2014-05-14T01:24:26Z WARNING: log_upload_error: error: {'balance':i0,'identifier':'Upload_InsufficientLindenDollarBalance','message':'Insufficient L$ balance to upload','upload_price':i12}
    2014-05-14T01:24:26Z WARNING: log_upload_error: mesh upload failed, stage 'fee', error '', message 'Insufficient L$ balance to upload', id 'Upload_InsufficientLindenDollarBalance'
    2014-05-14T01:24:26Z WARNING: LLFloaterModelPreview::setModelPhysicsFeeErrorStatus: LLFloaterModelPreview::setModelPhysicsFeeErrorStatus(13107200 : )
    2014-05-14T01:24:26Z WARNING: LLToastAlertPanel::LLToastAlertPanel: Alert: Bot Body failed to upload: Insufficient L$ balance to upload Upload_InsufficientLindenDollarBalance
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