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  1. Well I heard about this happening to other players and always discounted it as urban myth, but I'm less than proud to admit that this horror happened to me last night.

    I'd had constipation anyway for a few days, but Easter Sunday I had a full meal at my family's house, also ate a huge quantity of chocolate. When I got home I logged on and had a drink and got engrossed in SL.

    I suddenly became aware I needed the toilet really badly, but I was at a club with trivia (5L a question) and a sploder and I couldn't bear to tear myself away. Soon my abdominal pain became intense, I was actually stamping my feet on the floor rapidly as I watched the sploder countdown. Then somebody did a gesture that made me LOL in RL and suddenly the inevitable happened, -  I soiled my pants. I had to go to the bathroom to clean myself up, put my pants in the washing machine and clean my chair and spent the rest of the evening playing trivia wearing a pair of new Y-fronts and dousing my apartment in air freshener. 

    Has this happened to anyone else?

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