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  1. All is welcome to The Starlight Casino Eclipse. Where we have an a relaxing beach with couple poses and more. Has two bungalows that you can rent out. We also provide a casino with free play and much more. We have camping for free Lindens. We also have an elegant  club on top where you can bring your friend or significant offer and have a blast. We have live dj's and host and in the future live performances. We also have opening for DJ;s and host so this land can be open 24hrs 7 days a week 365 days of the Year. If you are interested in working here we have applications that you can fill out but above all this place was created to bring fun and romance back into SL we also have affordable shops for shop owners to rent.

     STARLIGHT CASINO ECLIPSE, Honors Pride (221, 87, 3100) - Adult


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