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  1. Thanks for trying to help.

    However I am not using SL viewer, but Catznip. But even when I was using the SL viewer, I don't think I saw anything that you mentioned.  Others that have been on longer than me and use other viewers also seem to have the same issue.  

    Has this become an issue that has been forgotten about?  

  2. Hi I have a question can you get a translator that works when you talk to someone in IM?


    At the moment I have to do it the long way around and when doing so, those around me must think I have lost my marbles talking to myself.  For what I do now is copy and paste what the person has said in IM into my chat box, making sure my translator is on.  Then read the enlish version.  Type my response in chat, copy the Translation and paste it in to IM.  This is teadious and frustrating.  Surly there is a better way of doing it?

  3. What could be causing me to teleport to the correct location, only to watch myself been dragged to a different location on the sim and unable to move from there.  Or to TP in and can't move yet it looks like I am swimming or trying to run in the same spot.  Other times I TP in ok, start walking arond and then am suddenly dragged to a spot I am unable to move from.  One of the other sims, when I use a different TP point, I am able to get on it and move around freely, till I try to walk to the spot where the other TP point is that I would normally have used and then to be suddenly whisked away to some corner or unrealted spot on the sim.

  4. I have had this issue in the past indeterminately and only affected isolated sims, but the last 2 days or so, it has become a major issue and it seems to be affecting almost all sims I try to go to.  Where when teleporting,  you arrive at the correct Sim, but the location is wrong, many a times been stuck in a corner or a sport you cannot move from.  

    I have used more than one viewer thinking that may be the issue, including the standard SL viewer.  But like other times, have found it is not the case.  Also have thought it was perhaps problems with the speed of my net, as it is very bad here, but it does not look like that is a issue.  So there must be something affecting this from SL's side.  

    Normally when a glitch comes up I work around it till in most cases it goes away.  But this time I need answers.  This is affecting me badly.  I can't do anything!  Except look from where I am in most cases.  But some things you touch to activate or get, you need to be close up or it will not work!

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