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  1. The apples are "physical" and I want to move them from one of my properties to another.  They cannot be brought into my inventory first (they disappear) and the original creator of the apple producing apple tree is not available to help.  I need to make or find a container that will do the job. I have had no luck with the classifieds and I do not know how to make a container that will hold "physical"  the items that cannot first be moved into inventory. Can anyone help?

  2.  I have been using the standard build tool, turning little boxes into big walls.  I do not know how to get the walls to except the "physical" setting in the edit box without them bumping and rolling about our island, (don't even know if that would make a difference), so the pens have the default - no box checked.  The animals are "physical".  Have tested fences of all heights, depths, and widths; textures that are full coverage, partial coverage and transparent.  Avatars cannot  breach fence line.  The creator is MIA, and, the best for last: the animals only escape when I"m offline.   I find them in my lost and found or or under rocks or staring at the rest of the animal group fron the outside in.  Help......

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