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  1. I thought omega installer was the skin applier? ..how would I find the skin applier for slink mesh bodies? The thing is I got this skin a while back and it didn't have an applier then. So im wondering if i have to buy another skin that has one..

  2. Okay so I bought my mesh body. The problem now is the skin...as you can see its not really applying? Should I buy another skin..might that work better then using this one since it doesnt appear to be applying?

  3. im using second life and yet for some reason I see these avatars only in colors not in textures(is there a problem I'm having with secondlife or is it I need to update or what?:

  4. Thank you for those who tried to help :) Sorry Princess I think it was who im'd me? Your im got lost before I could post anything, if you could re-im me in world or here with a possible list of them that would be splended thank you:) I found a few other places Kendrasy Creations and Voodoo Monkey, so happy I am finding more places then before:P I have an addiction I think if I could keep up saving them in outfits! LOL!

  5. I'm looking for casual clothing that is made with mesh. I know blueberry is a nice one. If you can name other stores that have casual clothing with mesh, lingerie or dresses that would be great thanks :)


    Edit:If this is the wrong forum please move it to the right one, thanks

  6. So I found these items called gacha. If you buy them does that mean you buy them all or just one randomly for the high price? the word kind of confuses me. I have heard of it before but not in buyable terms. I know they are supposed to be used for some types of arcades like prizes? I would like to know more about them, so please give me as much info on them as you can thank you:) -not sure this is the right forum, hope it is


    Edit:I just researched, does it only mean only trans no copy, mod or refunds?

  7. not sure if this is suppost to be in technical, but what is the best way to edit objects in a house? Is it rear view or mouselook view? I am trying to edit items in this house in different angles and its getting tricky. I use camera controls, but they dont seem to help. Can anyone help me find better ways of editing lights or items from different angles? Thanks~

  8. I have been trying to work with it with rgb..I think its called? I used the developers menu to find the color and I put it in but when I do it still shows as wonky/not right. Is there a way to possible recalibrate the rgb of it or will I have to ditch the shoes? Thank you for reading this.

  9. When I get to some areas with heavy traffic, my viewer begins to flicker black and the sceen back and forth. Are there ways to lower lag a lot? I have my graphics down low. I'm not sure what else to do :(



    I keep getting this despite me being able to go onto another user I have. Help would be greatly appreaciated :)


    I tried logging into other locations and am getting the same message :(
  11. My outfits won;t load when I try to load them. It just stays in a loading outfit icon. I have rlv on, but that has not affected it before. This appears to happen on all the viewers I use right now:(

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