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  1. The real estate company wants me to do a rent to own deal but they hold the the property in their group till paid off-- which makes me nervous for being priced above $500 usd and not getting the parcel in the end--- I am not sure I would have recourse other than file fraud with the FBI- 

    I am cash poor but have some decent land and have a parcel next to oneo fhteir rentals I could possibly trade- but before approching them and they agree, I wanted to have an idea of how to handle the transaction. 

    Map is great too 8)

  2. I want to trade parcels with a Land Dealer- Both parcels are high value (Blakes) -  I am having a trust issue based on the high value and some past interactions--- there was a misunderstanding but is now resolved-----they are an active known company----- I do not have the cash to buy the parcel straightout at it's value--- I am looking for suggestions how to handle the transation- Someone told me Linden will get involved should one party steal from the other-- which I find absurd- nevertheless- I would appreciate your assistance  or ideas- the Land teir is of no concern-- Thank you

  3. I agree completely- many individuals believe that their vision of community or society is the only one valid- My partner and I own multiple properties approximatley 265,000 sq meters and each serves a different purpose- almost 2 SIMs worth are full public access to enjoy the others are specific to the people we serve, hence intrusive behavior of non- members leads to a ban--- Especially when individuals Pop In and do not even say hello when we are all standing there-- start running around-- jumping on planes or boats-- going in buildings--- In addition there are secutrity orbs out there that will give 10 sec eject times and automatically ban individuals-


  4. Sounds like you rented a home on a private region opposed tthe mainland-- 

    I read what everyone else posted including the "list" of companies--- I can tell you I progressed from renting a lot from a small sim owner to moving to a 120 sim estate= to a 200 plus sim estate on Blake to saying I am tired of all of this--- I purchased a premium account- (pays for for self) and bought on the mainland. This was the best move I made-- I also know a number of mainland landlords some large som small- some with all premium ocean properties-- I guess you have to evaluate their commitment to residents- to SL even ask other renters-- not hard to follow the sky signs and determine who owns what-

    For the most part the large estates offer security- low prims pleasant environment at a premium price- high restrictions

    Mainland landlords offer higher prims- lower prices- varying environments with views- low or no restrictions (music, terra etc)

    Many of the oceanfront landlords on the mainlands are highly invested in their properties- I know I own a 40,000 meters parcel with Blakes access and it cost a lot of money and time to put together- and I have no intention of : "giving it back" to Linden-- I have a 1/2 sim on a protected road I love as well would not lose that either-- meaning it would be sold--- problem with the private Island owners is-- they can buy for 200 bucks on the market- 400 from Linden and then pay their tier... there is no real resell value in my mind now that Linden dropped prices 40%--- Mainland premium land goes for far more--- so I think the land lords there.... protect their investment more-- especially when hey own multiple-- anyway just my point of view-- I recommend to all my friends get a premium account and take the plunge-- if you can not-- go with a mainland land lord for more value-- or pay the high price and go with an estate---

  5. Just wanted to mention to folks considering purchasing land on the mainland that are hesitant due to excessive objects in the sky, there is a solution. If you are using Firestorm and other "like" viewers you can derender objects in the sky or other visual impairments which will enhance your visual pleasure.

    It is easy to derender and blacklist and you can alway rerender if you make a mistake- Give it a try if you haven't there are many great places to live on the mainland. 

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