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  1. In general, most sellers on Second Life (In world stores and marketplace) do not duplicate actual RL clothes. But, considering the number of bras for sale in SL and the very large number in RL (actual stores and on-line), there maybe one like it by coincidence. But I haven't seen one.

    An observation about SL bras. compared to RL stores there are few that have lace or that are very sheer. Some, but few. In RL, any visit to the lingerie department of a store or to a store's website will be full of lacy and sheer lingerie. I have no idea why this is true.

    Also, a complaint about RL websites. In an effort to protect us from seeing nipples, the photos of bras and sleepwear do not show how sheer an item is. That does a disservice to those that buy clothes on-line.

    As for your bra (I like it too) keep looking. You may find something.

  2. I have a RL top very much like the one in this picture. Actually, mine is orange, but it looks similar.

    top for Tina.jpg

    The key thing is the transparancy between the parts of the lace

    Can this can be made in SL? If so, how? Does it require mesh, or can it be done with mesh. If there is one for sale, I would be interested, but I would like to make one (or several similar ones) myself if I knew how.



    image from belk.com, Rafaella Lace Fashion Knit Top


  3. Stick with the breast that come with your avatar. Mine are on the small side (RL and SL). I have been able to adjust them with the sliders so they are the right size and look - very much like the real me.

    The system boobs on an avatar, adjusted to a very large size, are not very good and don't at all look like real ones. So if you want SL boobs that are DD or larger, maybe you have to go with attachment mesh.

    But for smaller sizes (I am a B cup also, RL and SL) the avatar, properly adjusted with the sliders, is very good. If you don't use mesh, you can wear any bra or other clothing without any problem. That makes selecting clothes easier. That anlso makes getting undressed and dressed (if others are watching when you do) much easier.

    If you want nipples that point (mine don't) you may need at attachment. The system nipples (like my RL ones) are pretty flat and are not adjustable.

  4. Starling Cazalet wrote:

    I think everyone in a way is rping because we really dont act like ourselves in here. 

    I act the same way on SL as I do in RL in the same type of enviornment. When I am talking to some others at an SL club I act the same as when I am talking with others in a RL club. When I am discussing a Bible passage on Sunday in SL I act the same as when I am in a discussion at Adult Sunday School in RL.

    If I were a Christian in RL but a Hindu in Sl, or vice-versa, that would be rping.

  5. I would like to know more about the gatherings to talk about clothes. Can anyone join it? Where and when are they held? I am interested in fashion, second life and real life.

  6. Thanks for the information. I see what you mean about the listing I link to does looks like a wirefree bra. I agree that, for marketing reasons, it would better not to say if an SL bra is underwire or wire free.

    I normally prefer wire free bras during the day, but in the evening I wear underwire to get the support because my boobs are tired and I like a pushup bra to show some cleavage. It would be nice to have a SL bra that automatically changed the cleavange and gravity sliders when the bra was put on, and then restored them to original settings when the bra was taken off. But I don't guess that is possible.

  7. A few months ago I asked a question here (somewhat jokingly) about a statement I had heard about the number of wirefree bras on SL. Of course, it doesn't matter if a bra is underwire or wirefree on SL. We don't need the support and are not bothered by the wire which some find uncormfortable in RL,

    Then I came across the marketplace listing for an underwire bra:https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MJ-Underwire-Lace-Bras/4081296?id=4081296&slug=MJ-Underwire-Lace-Bras.

    My question: why would it matter. In real life real people go to stores and look for an underwire or a wirefree bra. It can be an important matter of comfort and support. But who would care in SL. You can decide matters of boob sag by the slider and the amount of physics.

    This is not, of course, a serious question. I am just curious.


  8. I now have reasonably good shape, skin, and hair (non-mesh). I (as an extreme newbie) am beginning to build my wardrobe, starting with underwear. First, should I get system or mesh (or anything else, if there is anything else) bra and panties? I will think about other clothes later, just underwear for now. Any other tips or opinions?

  9. Thanks everyone, for your comments. I think I will stick to non-mesh avatars. In RL I like to buy different clothes, mix and match, and decide when I am getting dressed which cami looks best with which jacket; which top goes with which skirt or pants etc. I assume that will be the same on SL. It looks like I will have the most flexibility with non-mesh avatars.

    I still haven't had much time on SL yet. I am away from home using my small laptop, SL is downloaded on my desktop.

    I have a lot of questions about clothes, I will ask them on the fashion section.

  10. This sounds like a stupid question, and it is.:matte-motes-big-grin:

    A RL friend active on SL somewhat jokingly mentioned (as a part of a conversation about RL and SL clothes) that on SL most of the bras were wirefree (as opposed to underwire).

    I know the difference in RL and own both. As you women know, it is a matter of support and comfort. They are not factors on SL. In the marketplace the bras don't say "underwire", "wire free" or similar words.

    So, I am just wondering. How would she know that most are wire free on SL? I know that it doesn't really matter, and that she was half joking. I am just a curious newbie.

  11. All,

    I just joined and download SL. So far, I still on the initial island with the initial clothes and avatar. I have not had much time to get on (download and then get busy with other things). I will be expecting to buy an avatar with the look I want (similar to my look). I understand that avatars now come in "mesh" or not mesh. Are there pros and cons to mesh avatars? When you buy an avatar does it look real, that is, look like a real nude female with nipples and hair "down there" or is it like the initial avatars - corset style underwear you can't take off that covers more than even conservative bathing suites?

    Basically, I am looking for a realistic normal female, late 20's. I am not looking for anything to do with warcraft or science fiction.

    Soon, I will be buying clothes, and I will probably be back looking for opinions.


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