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  1. When I launch Second Life Viewer it gets past the VFS and launches.

    However, when it actually launches it gets stuck on this white screen and nothing happens.

    I can't even close it afterwards unless I go to task manager and close it there manually.

    My computer definitely has the min. requirement to play this game as I got a intel i7, ATI 7970, 16GB 1600mhz RAM, etc...


    - I tried to unistall the game, and reinstall, didnt work.

    - Then I tried to delete the cache in Appdata, both Roaming and Local folder, didnt work.

    - Then I tried to update all of my drivers, still nothing.

    - I tried to launch the game as an administrator, nothing.


    What can I do? I run the 64bit windows 7 ultimate.

    Could it be that my screencard is too "new" ? As it wont run games like GTA: IV either, where the issue turned out to be that my screencard was too new and it didn't support the engine and drivers.


    Please help me out here, thanks.




    Yes, I updated my video card from the manufacturer's website.

    Yes I tried other viewers, nothing is working.

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