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  1. Jagged Edge is a club located in an Adult Combat RP Sim, we are currently seeking talented DJ's Hosts, and dancers to work during our events, all parties recieve 100% of their tips. Not adversed to Techno/house style but do like just upbeat, top 40 style. our events currently are around 5pm SLT on Saturday evenings, we are also looking to entice our Euro crowd and bring in someone to do daytime events so do not hessitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to speak with you!


    A Few Requirements:

    At least 30 days old in SL (could be worked with if good skin, shape, etc)

    Ability to entertain a crowd without overuseage of gestures.

    Ability to work with a group

    Previous DJ experience prefered and all equiptment needed--would like you to have your own stream however we can supply one

    Prefer DJ's to speak on mic as well as in local chat

    DJ's will have to do an audition of usually around 20 minutes in the Sim for the management team.

    Host experience preferred but not needed as we can train

    Dancers, good skin, shape, and attitude


    Please contact in world VIA NC

    cheyennetrindle resident   OR littlemiss.cheeky


  2. My friends and myself all use different viewers, some of us using the new Firestorm, some using Singularity, others using the SL viewer itself. All of us after midnight SLT no matter where we are on the grid all start crashing at the same time, we are not the only ones dealing with this issue, there are several of us that are facing this problem and it just began to happen Tuesday around midnight, is there a problem on the LL side of things or something wrong with the grid?  it doesn't matter what Sims we are on, even if we are not all together, we still all crash. 

  3. I am the assistant manager In Jagged Edge Located at an Adult Rated Sim Called EDGE CITY, we are an Urban RP Sim, involving combat Via DCS meters and guns, we have gangs, PD, and most of all, Jagged Edge, we have events every Saturday at 5pm SLT till anywhere from 7-8 SLT, if you are a DJ and looking for a side job, or even just love music and want to come in and take the stream by storm at random times, please contact me inworld either by IM or NC to CheyenneTrindle Resident. The DJ position is Tips only but our DJ's make awesome Tips at the same time! So please contact me if Interested!!!

    Hope to see you on the Edge


  4. Hi everyone, I'm Chey

    I am the assistant manager at a club in Edge City called Jagged Edge, we host events every saturday starting around 5pm SLT and going till 7 or 8 SLT depending on our crowd. What I am needing is a few good strong DJ's to come in and DJ these events, it will be working for Tips but The Sim itself is an amazing Urban Sim with gangs, police, rape, captures, and a lot of great RP'ers if you are interested please contact me inworld the best way is NC me since my IM's get capped. Send it to CheyenneTrindle Resident!


    Thanks a bunch!!!

    hope to see you closer to the Edge!



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