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  1. Welcome hubs generally welcome the newer players. Voice is generally prefered as exception to the RP sims.

    Waterhead, Ahern, Violet, Korea, Orientation Island Public, and Bay City Airport are just a few to mention. Generally older people and trolls hang out at welcome hubs.  So unless you can take the heat these places aren't for the weak hearted. Turn particles off or you might get griefers that flood your screen with falling pictures that could lag your system if it isn't strong enough.


    Maybe RP or playing games are more your thing. But before you dive head first into RP you must learn  to effectively utlize the /me command.

    Example: /me gazes into the clouds, letting thoughts wander in this state of trance.

    City of Lost Angels used to be popular RP with the CCS hud users, so if you like shooting and using weapons in RP this might be your thing.

    Crack Den is more of an Urban RP sim, people pretend to be police, drug dealers, prostitutes and or many other seemingly endless choices.

    Stickypantz and Skyhub are game playing sims. These two locations have in world games setup to play and connect with other grid members such as bowling, jenga, greedy tables and other games.


    Semi-private Sandbox

    Type in the map: Rhetorica and in the South-East corner is an island click that and it is my favorite sandbox to go to due to privacy but I would like to see new faces.


    My favorite chatroom since 2009

    Buried is normally packed on the weekend or during off seasons like Summer Vacation or Winter Break. During the week few people linger. But bring your game face and be able to keep up with the lively conversation. Hope to see you this weekend :matte-motes-big-grin:

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