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    Hey all,


    I mastered getting static uv mapped meshes into SL from max.  So, I thought I might try something with rigged meshes.  I'm having a problem getting a mesh into the uploader that is actually rigged.  Every time I upload it, it doesn't give me the options in the uploader that pertain to skinned meshes.  Here is what I've done so far.

    I am using Max 2010

    I have installed the proper SLav plugin, and also the proper autodesk collada exporting plugin.

    I used the Slav plugin to produce a mesh to my workspace.  I only imported the legs and feet.  Everything else I unchecked for import.

    I made sure that my units were set to meters.

    The result was a fully rigged set of legs.  I went into the vertices of the legs and changed them significantly.  Then I selected a bone from the skeleton and moved it.  Everything is rigged properly.  I looked at the rig weights, and everything seems fine.

    The legs are only rigged to the appropriate bones.  I had read somewhere that it is important that your mesh, no matter what it is, be somehow rigged to all of the bones.  So, I selected one vertex, and I rigged it at .001 (.1 %) weight to every bone that it wasn't rigged to.  So now all of the bones are spoken for in some regard.

    I made sure that the editable mesh was converted to a poly mesh by using the "turn to poly" modifier.  I then collapsed that ppart of the stack so that I was left only with a poly mesh with the skin modifier added.  I moved some bones to make sure that after this was done that everything was still weighted, and sure enough, everything was stuck properly to the bones.

    Then I prepared to export.  I exported it as an autodesk collada file (dae). In the export window, I checked "animations", all "deformations", "embed media", "convert geometry used as bones", and I made sure my units were set to meters and my Z was up. In the collada section, triangulate was checked, and just as an FYI, baked animations *was not* checked.  Most other things were not checked.

    I exported which resulted with a dae file.

    in SecondLife, I uploaded the model, and was presented with the upload window.  I could see the mesh intact and proper in the preview window.  However, any check boxes that involve skinning were dulled - meaning they could not be used.  I could not check these boxes that other tutorials say I should be checking.  So I'm assuming somehow it was not reading the item as something that included rigging.  No skeleton is seen in the preview window - just the mesh.

    Any thoughts about what I am missing?


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