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  1. Hello all business owners, 

    Come advertise your business, any business with us! Jobs, place, items to buy! We have a job placement office, with camping chairs and games which will be open within the next week, it will bring extremly high traffic!, we also have a jobsite website which your business will also be posted on! 

    We offer for you-

    Ad boards in our office

    Your business ad on our website:  http://2lifejobs.blogspot.com/

    Get started today! visit our website and office!



  2. Hello all! 

    We are looking to hire a real estate manager for one of our new property rentals.


    • You would be in charge of advertising in groups and forums.
    • Filling up the rental condos
    • and selling ad space to business owners
    • Make sure there are no issues on the land

    You will be paid weekly 1000L Plus a monthly bonus.

    Work your own hours.

    You must have real estate experience in secondlife.

    Please send a message if interested to lisamorgan30 inworld for an application and interview. Must fill this spot ASAP!!!

    Thank you


  3. We are and investment company that is having a career seminar, If you are looking to hire you can rent a booth for free! All job and careers are welcomed! Come set up your business in a more professional manner. When Avatars come to our land they will click on your sign and contact you about your job offer. When we have our job seminar you can be present at your booth and interview on the spot, also give yout applications. This is a great way to hire for free. Our fist seminar will be July 13, 2013. Come get your booth today!

    when you click on the sign to load your information it will tell yo to pay the sign $50L pay the $50L and we will pay you back, as we said the booth is free!

    Thanks all!

    Any questions please feel free to contact me inworld : lisamorgan30

    Go to: 


  4. Need some place to work? Need a professional place to meet your clients? rent space with us.

    • 4 cubicles with computers
    • 1 conference room
    • 1 executive office
    • seating area

    Price is only 400L per week

    Take a look at our site go to office rentals and take a look at our office space.

    Please contact:


  5. Greetings all,

    We are looking for a human resources manager to : hire reps, train new people and more.

    Experience: Must be in SL for 5 months or more , must have some work experience.

    Salary is hourly and will be discussed in the interview.

    We provide paid training.

    For consideration please contact:


    Thank you

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