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  1. I wonder why everyone can become merchant on marketplace? On every respectful selling sites you need at least to verify yourself somehow - credit card or another rl info. Here on marketplace every alt and copybotter can list stuff and get money. Who suffers from this? Only original creator and buyer for known reasons. I bought some things recently spending over 10000 lindens and got message in a while all is deleted because of DMCA. AND WHAT??? I did not get any compensation nor creator who was ripped off - only copybotter got successfully my money and disappeared. So i researched a bit and found his store on marketplace with new name and selling same items - same copybotted items!!!

    As i understand LL gets their profit as 5% and it is awful if they are interested to support thieves.  And it makes me sad because I cant be sure in game who supports thieves.

    My offer is to make some veryfication for merchants. Merchant must have payment info or to be premium member at least. I am sure it will reduce copybotters stores amount cos they are not interested to disclose themselves. 

    I am sure honest merchants would support this offer. It would show respect to buyers and sl merchants and make marketplace site more safe for both.

    PLEASE LINDEN LAB RESPECT YOUR PLAYERS! Getting money is serious thing so please LL do not let thieves to rip us off!

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