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  1. I have no idea if your still reading replies to your topic or not Sian2ndLife.  


    But, here's my 2-cents on Genders.

    Second life is about being 'whatever' you want.  Be it a female, male,.. dragon.... mouse... robot.. or just some floating tenticle blob thing.

    Its a game.  Meant to be played as you want to play it.  Granted, SL goes a bit 'beyond' beeing meerly a game with the Human interaction in it that we all know and love.  Meeting people.. enteracting with people.. going to clubs.. finding people we like, finding people we hate... all of that good stuff.

    But at its 'core'.. is still a virtual world. Where people create avatars 'they' want.

    Back in the Day... you had no idea who was behind the avatar, unless they told you.  There was no 'voice' in-game for people to outright 'demand' that you use to verify your RL gender. (which quite a few asshats do in todays SL for some reason).  Back then, you had the Avatar you saw infrunt of you, and a giant ? in place of the RL persone behind the Avatar.

    And you know what?... I was personally perfectly happy with that.

    Ever since Day 1, i have treated SL as it is... a Virtual World.. a 'second life'.. Were i could be who or what i wanted, and so could everyone else.  I treated people based on what i SAW on the screen, Not what i could have tried to pry out of them from RL ( or 'first life' ).  If i saw a girl infrunt of me, i treated them as a girl. If i saw a male.. i treated them as a male.. If i saw a floating, tenticle coverd, blob..... i either tried to shoot it, or ran away screaming =P

    It wasnt untill 'voice' was put into SL that people suddenly started outright 'demanding' that everyone get on Voice to 'prove' they were female (notcie you NEVER seem to hear about guys being told to get on voice to 'varify' they are guys, its always us Girls people make that demand of nowadays)..  Most clubs now REQUIRE that their dancers 'voice varify' themselves befor they even have a chance to try to get a job there to earn lindens or have 'fun' being a dancer (which is what i set out to do when i joined SL.. and i enjoyed every moment of the 3-4 years i spent as a dancer. Loved the enterations between me, the other dancers, and the customers/clients.).

    To some, 'voice' has given them a free reign to 'demand' RL information/confirmation from avatars they meet.  And i honestly think thats total BS.. SL is still SL...  a 'second life' virtual world.  Even with Voice added into the game.. i STILL treet people by what i SEE, not by what i might hear, or what they might tell me.

    As to me, that is the core 'spirit' of SL... its not some game of 'find out if she's a guy or not befor you say hello!'. Is a Virtual world in which you can be what you want, and enteract with other people being what they want.  I actually know a few guys who play as Female avatars in SL... does it bother me?.. no.  Why should it?  Its the AVATAR i play with, not them. I treat the one i actually know in RL one way 'IN' RL... and i treat 'her' completely different in SL.  Because thats the way I feel SL is sapose to be done.

    Granted, quite a few people im sure will dissagree.. the ones who 'demand' people get on Voice and such.


    Honestly, Sian2ndLife. The only real 'answer' to your question, outside of us giving you our own openions.. is what YOU beleive SL is.

    It is a Virtual world that 'needs' to be the exact same as your RL (in which case.. honstely.. why play it?)... or is it a Virtual World were people can 'act' the way they might want, even if that involves them being a female avi instead of a male.. yet having 'fun' in a Virtual World that is Seperate from their RL.

  2. Yea.

    I know is a scam and such and never click the bogus links they post.  Though i did send abuse/fraud report e-mails to the domain hosting companies that the guy is using for his two sites (ones a .com, the other is .net).  So maybe the Domain companines will shut the websites down so the more gullible people (who dont know any better) dont gettaken in by it.

  3. Seriously... I thought Second Life would be immune from these asshats, as there's no real way to 'earn' $L's in Second life without buying it from LL's to start with (either threw direct payments, or from having a 'premium account'), or earning it from someone else who purchased it from LL in one form or another.


    So Why is it ive recently been getting spammed by throw-away SL accounts (the sl name is just random letters), to go visit some website for "cheep Lindens"? (no, i dont go to the site, or click the link, or anything of that nature, im smarter than that =) ).

    I havnt been getting them through IM's. Rather ive been getting them sent to me as a SL web-based Message.


    Is there some way i can report these people (and the domain name information for the website) to LL?.. Is there anything i can do personally to report the Domain name to some government agency?....  (or more evily, anyone know how to contact Anonymus so that i can get 'them' to go have fun with this asshats website?)


    anyone else been getting these lately?

  4. Innula Zenovka wrote:

    I think people may be misunderstanding what I said.

    To clarify, it seems to me a lot less work to some minor tweaks to my existing shape to get it to fit into a standard size mesh item than it does to get a standard size shape from the marketplace and tweak the however many sliders it is that make up my face.

    As you rightly point out, there's only a few settings I need to adjust to get my shape to fit the nearest standard size.   There's the best part of 100 I need to adjust to get a shape from the marketplace to have my face.

    Think i need to clarify myself a bit as well =)


    I wasnt going to use the 'shapes' in the linked Standard Sizing to build off of, i was looking for the numbers 'in' those shapes that i needed to copy myself onto my own shape i alerady have made (which are the 8 shown in the notecard and in the description).  I wasnt gonna try building my shape off the blanks that come with the Standard Sizing thing =)  That'd be waaaay to much work hehe.

  5. Pussycat Catnap wrote:

    If you have breasts in RL - or have sufficiently handled them; you might know that they move when you clamp things onto them.

    Yea.. mine move a bit in RL heh. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:

    I just meant, that seems to be the one thing ive had to edit a few times to get mesh outfits to fit. As nomater what you set the brest-size to, if the boyancy is to much or to little, it'll glitch threw, or cause a gap to show up.

  6. Innula Zenovka wrote:

    Aria Repine wrote:

    Innula Zenovka wrote:

    I suspect you'll find that standard sizes are, in fact, anything but, and vary from designer to designer.

    Well yea.. some designers you have to do that.  But there's 4 stores i get mesh outfits from that all use the same templates that were linked in this thread.  So they all fit the same.

    That's good that they do.   Certainly though, some of my favourite stores' mesh clothes quite simply do not fit any of the standard size shapes they purport to be.     

    That doesn't worry me; I would still, I think, rather adjust my own shape to fit the mesh that's the closest size, rather than use a standard size shape and then change the face to match my own, since that's far less work.

    Yea there's still a time or two i have to make minor adjustments (usualy its only my breast-boyancy, which is something no mesh designer, even with templates, can account for).  But thats just a minor change.


    As for using a standard size shape.  The 'adjustments' for the standard size group only adjust 8, out of the... 70? shape adjustments.  Most of it dealing specifically with .... for lack of a better term.. 'fat'.  How thick your avi is.  So asside from putting on a pound or two or takeing off a pound or two.. there really isnt much in the way of 'changing the face'.  As you can edit everything else just as much as you want and still fit the clothes in the Standard Sizing group.


    I basicaly kept my normal shape, and just eddited the 8 numbers the notecard said.  Didnt have to change anything else.  And if anything, it actualy made my avi look a bit more evenly porportioned :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Even when i only had to change any of those 8 numbers for 2-4 points.

  7. Innula Zenovka wrote:

    I suspect you'll find that standard sizes are, in fact, anything but, and vary from designer to designer.

    Well yea.. some designers you have to do that.  But there's 4 stores i get mesh outfits from that all use the same templates that were linked in this thread.  So they all fit the same.

  8. Yea, i was able to fit almost everything with only minor changes (like breast boyancy), but i kept getitng 'gaps' at the hips and rear... and no ammount of tinkering would fix it.  Decided to just find the templates and do the slight tweaking it needed heh.


    Was interesting, my normal shape (pre-template fix) had me wearing S tops, and XS bottoms :matte-motes-bashful-cute:

  9. Posting this question here, and in the 'your avatar' section of the forum (as i wasnt sure which would fit it better).


    But.. Any Rigged Mesh designers out there know were i can get my hands on some free/demo shapes that match the "Standard Sizing" thing you guys are useing to make the newer Mesh outfits? (so that they all fit the same =P).


    Im thinking about tweaking my Avi's shape so she can fit a specific size in that 'standard' grouping that is being used alot lately.  Would be easier if i had a copy of whatever template shapes it is you guys are useing to make the rigged mesh outfits with.


    So... any pointers on were to find them? Or anyone have a set they can give out?


    Thanks for any reply's

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