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  1. Hi guys. So I've rigged my clothes to body parts in 3DSMAX. It flows pretty well when moving the joints. I exported selection, added all the bones via a C++ Bone fixer script that adds the names to the .DAE file. But now I'm stuck. Everytime I upload the mesh, it completely distorts itself.

    Going from this Top before clicking Skin Weights

    To this

    Top after Skin Weighting


    I've Weighted the objects to bones, but I dont know what 'skinning' is.. .Perhaps this is what I am doing wrong? After I weighted sections to the bones. Please help! :( Thanks in Advance

  2. Hi guys, I hate to be a complete and utter idiot but I've looked at various different tutorials. I've gotten to this stage.

    I made a Mesh Tanktop through Marvelous Designer put a texture onto it, Took it into mudbox to add more details, Put it into 3DSMax and now I'm stuck. I have Male_Avatar_XS. But from here I have no clue how to 'rig it' to the skeleton or what to do with the bones at all. I have all the bones SL has, the tanktop is matched to the avatar (taking Alpha layers in consideration) And now I'm stumped. Whenever I export it it eitherr comes with the model or not rigged to a skeleton.


    Screenshot of where I am at

    I have no idea where to go from here and I've looked at blender tutorials but they don't really help! I would like to know how to attach it to the 'bones' and make the object rigged so it moves with the avatar, and how to export it (either just export selection with the tank top or with the model too) and how to 'weight' it. Thank you so much in advance! <3

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