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  1. Like said before me thats only half true. You need to invest to buy nice clothes and a nice skin,hair,ao,breast etc.. But once you get out there and get hired you can get any where from 2000L per hour to almost 100000L per hour or week. I've seen it happen. It takes alot of time, possibly money and patience which is all the things i don't have right now.

  2. Thats because no skin should be limited to just one race. It's okay for a alien to be a cow. It's okay for a british person to be american. This is secondlife and basically you can be what you want to be. Be as pale as you want and still call yourself native american. But this is just me. When it comes to race i'm basically color blind.


    (Also for good looking puerto rican skin i would shop bodygossip tan skins)

  3. Just sayin, and don't get offended. But if you're not going to wear the default skins for the rest of you second life, then why should you care so much. This is jist me but all of them look like dolls and i can't identify race when seeing them. And the guy with the long brown hair is black, no ? They also have a black women as well in the female options. You just sound kind of butthurt from something else other than the problem you say it is. Just sayin. Don't get offended. Everytime a person joins or so i believe linde labs has to pay for the user created content thats on the avi. It could be free, it could be pricy but linde labs sent it to you is the point. With all the robots,wolves,vampires no one really thinks about race, because alot of people aren't concerned about it in secondlife. If they were they would be living a very active first life.

  4. Aww im so sorry dear. I know how hard people work for money sometimes. You most likely won't get them back at all. Unless the creator which i doubt actually made a mistake and refunds you. At least you learnt a lesson. Im sure you will get more lindens and you will forget about the ones you lost but remember the story. Never buy something inworld that isn't from a shop that you can actually teleport to and the owner at least has a group or some type of contact. And sometimes being a cheapstake can cost more than you actually atteneded it to.

  5. Ehh sandboxes can be creepy though. I would rather you just change at the mall in a changing room. Or even buy a small piece of land worth 30l$ and use that to change. Then theirs the old trick to attach the box on your hand and open it from their, you may want to google that.


    A place i used to re at was called Hair, also Barney's Bay.

  6. Ipad, not a type overrider.

    Iphone, same with the ipad no typing override.

    Car, I'm not sure what type of car I want post some of your favorite ones.

    Mesh/Prim Boobs, either lola tango's or lush but i can never find them.

    Mesh Turtles/Horses

    Purse, I guess a purse that is either really fab or has items inside of it.


    Kay, So help please.


  7. Talking to my self in my new house, don't know why i buy big houses when i live alone. Even my cat didn't want to be bothered with me today. This is actually my first screenshot other than the one's I take when having rezzing issues.


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