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  1. I quite enjoy seeing boats, horses, cars and trains etc around Bellisseria. I wish I could see planes but I never have. I have seen a hot air balloon once. I don't have any security at my homes and only twice in two years have I ever had an 'intruder'. I ejected them and that was that. I felt no need to ban as I doubted I would see either again. One of the joys of Bellisseria is the lack of ban lines which ruin parts of mainland. There is no privacy in Second Life really anyway, people can derender your house and even your clothes if they want, even if you have ban lines. When driving any vehicles or riding a horse, you need to concentrate on navigating so its unlikely anyone is even noticing someone in a skybox.

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  2. 13 hours ago, Evangeline Arcadia said:

    Saw these crystals in the  35L Sunday list - lovely for Fantasy homes (there is actually quite a lot of stuff at Simply Shelby that would fit in the Fantasy theme):


    I like Simply Shelby's stuff. I love my sun and moon bench from there.


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  3. Does anyone know anywhere that sells good quality Middle Earth type furniture? I am decorating my fantasy home with an elves theme but I am not happy with the kitchens I have in my inventory and I really need somewhere to make my Miruvor and lembas bread.😊 Maybe a good designer of Gor furniture would suffice but I don't know any.

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  4. Dilemmas, dilemmas, what to do. I gave up my houseboat and I am awaiting release of the fantasy themed homes when I decided just for fun to roll the dice and see what I would get,  like you do. 🙄 Rolled a perfect little chalet, private and facing the sea with a railroad track out the front 😵 I love it but I also want a fantasy house.   How many homes does one girl need? 🤔


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  5. 6 minutes ago, Malayaa said:

    I think the new theme is beautiful and magical,  and have started squirreling things away in a Fantasy folder to decorate with (the Enchanted Forest hunt and some of the stores at the ShopNHop have wonderful fantasy bargains, especially LOVE who offered a whole slew of sparkly garden items for 50L).  Might even get some wings and a unicorn lol  :)  The houses are spacious, but just like the log homes and chalets, what seems like a mysterious blank slate impossible to furnish  -  will become a beautiful interior!  Especially once everyone posts their home pix on the forum, it is like "ah ha THAT will work for that room layout". ..

    I've been doing the same. I have a lot of fantasy stuff from way back but it's so outdated and primmy but I'm enjoying finding new stuff while I wait for the release.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Cinnamon Mistwood said:


    I don't think that's a window frame.  It's in front of the boxes in the back.  No windows in this pic.  It could be partially under ground like a daylight basement or built into a hillside to have no windows.  That book looks magical and sparkly.

    I like the color choices on the walls, the rustic flooring, and the arch.

    I thought it looked like it was behind the boxes but could just be my eyes. I do agree the book looks magical, a spell book. I also like the colours and the arch. I am thinking some sort of witchy wizardy cottage.

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  7. 51 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

    Hint pic!  Title "So many things ..." text "to unpack!  Maybe I could do this faster if ..."


    If he didn't stop to read a book or two from the boxes, like I do?  If he went to bed and got some sleep?  (Looks pretty late!)

    Anyway, not much to go on here.  Judging by the arch, probably an open floor plan.  Two floors.  The wall behind him looks short, and the ceiling is .. tilted, as if this were an attic?  Cathedral ceiling, maybe?  Underneath the draped piece of furniture, on the floor, there is something that looks to me like a USB block.  Interesting, but probably part of the furniture.

    You can just see the frame of a window on the left. It looks curved. Arch shaped windows?


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