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  1. Hello!

    I am trying to Modify a Teleport script to enable only one user who is not the owner.   I have several scripts to create a teleport prim, that i use frequesntly,  but I need assistance on how to restrict its use to just one person.


    Any help is appreciated.  In regards to modifying the script, I don't know where I would place additional content without messing up the script.  



  2. Thank you for steering me in the right direction for the lever.   My issue was combining the two scripts, one for the lever and one for the elevator.   Touch lever, lever rotates (hinge, thanks) elevator floor moves up or down when the lever moves.  In my mind and I am just a novice in this, it would seem the lever has to trigger the elevator script.  I have been searching but can not find a resource to help me see how to manipulate the script to do both. 

  3. I am trying to create a lift or elevator that rises and falls with the movement of a lever.   I am a novice at scripting though I can modify with directions.  I have tried rotation scripts, the touch lever script I found in the Wiki to no avail.  Any help is appreciated  

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