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  1. We are currently looking for someone who is capable of decorating the sim's landscape as well as terraform if necessary. Upon contact we will be asking for examples of your work as well as what you are able to do. Prices will be discussed upon contact as well. Will be willing to pay a large amount if the job is done properly and well. Please contact Teagan301.

  2. Currently looking for a mesh creator that is capable of making more modern furniture with good quality textures. Ideas are already set for what is needed so all that is needed is to contact Teagan301. Prices can be discussed and more details will be given upon contact.

    Adding into this we are also looking for someone who is capable of creating mesh modern buildings that are of good quality in design and texture.

  3. Looking for a mesh builder who is capable of building fantasy structures. Examples of what is needed will be given and prices will be discussed. I am looking for a mesh builder that knows what they are doing as this will be a very intricate build and one that will need to be completely custom. As said prices will be discussed and if reasonable, I will pay. If anyone is up for the challenge please IM either Jlllover12 or Teagan301 in world.

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