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  1. Hello & thanks for taking time out to read my question, Im hoping someone may help me.. 

    Ive had a premium account for a few years and as RL sickness has affected my income i need to lower my premium account rate... Id like to pay the $5 a month plus the fee at $9.50.. However my land use fee's wont let me lower than $8.00 a month .. I noticed i have donated land... I just want a basic account with 512sqm thats all.. How do i un donate land and get my account back to normal. Please help as i dont want to delete my account.



  2. April 2, 2013 has arrived, and we have begun the first phase of Magic Box Shutdown. As of today, Merchants are no longer able to list unlimited-quantity items for L$10 or less using Magic Boxes. By noon PT tomorrow, April 3, 2013, any active, unlimited-quantity listings for L$10 or less using Magic Boxes will be unlisted. Note that the following will still be allowed:

    • Magic Box listings priced at L$11 or higher.
    • All Magic Box listings with limited quantity items, regardless of price.

    Note that the second deadline is fast approaching. On April 16th, 2013:

    • Merchants will no longer be able to list unlimited-quantity items using Magic Boxes, regardless of price.
    • Any remaining active, unlimited-quantity listings using Magic Boxes will be unlisted, regardless of price.

    I thought the magic box was no longer in use maybe this is why ya having problems, I not sure...

    Have a nice day!

  3. Gday

    I was wondering if anybody had a mainland parcel for sale to make up my premium account ... Im after a 736sqm parcel at a reasonable price... Thanks you

  4. Hello,

    That's kinda confusing.... If you have a Market place shop account.. you would of had to send item  in world through your avartar> then merchant outbox so MP receives it.... Go to market place... at the top right hand corner you have My Market Place... from there>>> Manage Listings>> you then upload your pic and info here and save.. after this is done .. you can always check to see if your item got to your store... by going back up to Market place top right hand corner .>> Select my store... your shop then appears so you can see .... There is no program to down load as your Market place account is your login through Google... separate to your actual SL game & viewer..

    Manage Listings will tell you what you have sent from your outbox in SL to your MP.


  5. [uPDATE] Lagging Marketplace Deliveries

    [update 8:05 pm PST, 9 March 2013] Magic Box deliveries and email confirmations are still delayed. We expect the issue to be resolved within 48 hours. Thank you very much for your patience.  Please watch this blog for further updates.

    [update 4:15 pm PST, 9 March 2013] We are still experiencing Marketplace delivery slowdowns by Magic Box. We expect the issue to be resolved within 48 hours. Thank you very much for your patience.

    [Posted 11:15 am PST, 8 March 2013] Marketplace deliveries orders being delivered by Magic Box are running slowly this morning.  We’ll have the problem diagnosed and corrected as quickly as possible

  6. Hello,

    The reason you are recieving that message is that you are either set to hardcore by your owner , and by not staying in rlv can cause some problems... There are 2 things ya can do, Ask your owner to set you free out of hardcore mode.... or even release you...... or if he has left you in that situation you can go to Market place and buy the hardcore script to remove yaself from implant....

    Reset Hardcore Owner script enables escape from the clutches of an absent / absent-minded / absolute-refusal owner when in Hardcore mode of the Dominatech Implant...

    It happened to me and was kinda scarey but you will be ok..:))

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  7. Gday, this has happened to me before.... and if you have updated your viewer to firestorm/ phioenex you can have a issue....It can mean ya wearing a copy bot item which will cause you to look like a cloud... Have you tried a character test? Also as ya rezzing inworld start typing in ya inventory so it does a  search.... this will help you load .... Also try taking off your clothing as it will let you and rebake several times.....

  8. Gday hun! Depends if ya using mama allpha as it will normally tell you after day 29...... You can also get customer support from group..... Mama Allpha.. Your boy friend would of had to be wearing the male version of Allpha Hud.. You can also go to main store and get a paternity test after day 29...... to verify who is parents.

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