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  1. The message say's "The following media plugin has failed: media_plugin_webkit  please re-install the plugin"  How do I re-install and what is a media plugin webkit?  I get this message all the time and I'm tired of seeing it.  I tried to reinstall my QuickTime media but nothing changed.  Help please.  Thank you.

  2. I just switched linden homes and I'm having a problem finding my house.  I received a email with the location but the problem is I can't seem to get to the location via sl website.  So when I click on go to your home then teleport now I keep getting a message on the opening page saying ieframe.dll-The webpage cannot be displayed.  Is there a way I can tp from in-world and if so how and what steps do  take when I go in world to my avatar?  Thank you for your help.



  3. I just switched my linden home to a different linden home.  It's all set up via sl website but when I try to tp via sl website an error page comes up.  Is there another way in-world I can find the location of my new home?  I want to go there and move my furniture in. Thank you

  4. I just bought a home.  It came fully furnished.  I have severals media srceens for watching movies, videos..ect. I don't know how 2 get them connected.  I have a tv media center which I purchased from sl marketplace and deeded it to my group land. Now I need 2 know how to get the media center that came with the house to work with the one I purchased.  The media centers that came with the home are just monitors that require a t.v to make them work, the only function they have is playback of whatever your t.v plays. How do I get it to work?  I keep getting a message that says "There is no parcel media texture set, or this screen is not deeded to group, on group land"  Please help..Thank you.

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