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  1. Hi, This is still an issue, I too am on a Mac also not technical and continued getting the 'we are sorry message'. After TPing to another empty sim.. a Sandbox. and relogging I was continuing to get the message. So I tried some things. I"ll list them here, in no particular order. Complete shut down of my computer and restart. - Failed, that didn't work. double checked my network speed. - https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_speedtest . (resulting in lowering my speed, since i'm currently on wireless) Waited for Inventory to load, meanwhile cleared trash folder, quick clean up of inventory items Note cards, LM's mostly, cleared lost and found folder I changed my outfit to only a 'alpha skin', So completely invisible with no clothing. (less to load at log on) reset my filter in my inventory Forced Appearance (Rebake), Recreated LSL Bridge (no idea what this is! Sounds scripty for the 'backend' inventory ? between FS and connecting to LL servers. ) in Prefs . - > Graphics > Hardware Settings > Unchecked the 'Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects' (at least for duration of getting rid of the 'We are sorry message... ' logged out of SL, waited about 5 mins, sometimes logging out is even laggy with a delay of exit. Logged back into SL on older computer - 'We Sorry message was GONE!' WAITED FOR INVENTORY, logged out old Logged in on newer computer, to the Sandbox area and no more message!!! Waited for Inventory and logged back out to save this last 'Good' version with no messaging. I'm not sure exactly what above, fixed the issue, i'm just happy it is no longer happening. It may have come down to the last thing, logging into another computer that 'cleared the issue'.
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