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  1. Thanks so much for replies, 

    it does seem it is more complicated than I thought. Does say on my account page in SL that Tilia does require additional verification and when I read up on that seems they need various forms of identification such as bank statement passport etc.

    As I am in UK then not so sure what identification I would have to send them. 

    Has Tilia actually taken over  now or do I have a window to sell Lindens and transfer the balance to my paypal without having to go through their verification process?

    Also is there a limit to how many Lindens I can sell in one session, reading up on this is a little confusing as it seems its capped at 1999 LL and can take days to complete?

    Sorry for all the questions.

    Many thanks once again.


  2. Hi folks,

    I used to have payment details on SL but for security removed removed them, now I have Lindens I want to sell and cash out , I take it I will have to re-enter my Paypal details to do this on the Second life site.

    I know how to navigate the sell lindens in manage account, so after inputting payment details again, should I wait a few days before selling  to give the LL system a few days to update them?

    Should it be straight forward to sell the lindens and how do I cash out then?

    Many thanks for any information.

  3. Hi,

    Trying to get to grips with my first mesh body and finding it a little hard going.

    I have Abar ebody and also Altmura valentina full body, both free, which are easier do you think for an absolute beginner?

    I have nanaged to get the Abar ebody together with my classic sl head, but there us a visable join at neck, any way of getting rid of this?

    Ideas also welcome where I can pick up some freebie mesh clothing?

    Many thanks for any help.

  4. Silly me! Decided to edit shoes wth the arrows in edit to get them to fit better, but as you may have guessed, I totally messed up. I dont suppose there is any reset button that I can use?

    Thanks a lot


  5. Hey Folks,

    Ok I know I should have moved on to maybe a more advanced skin, but i did choose a stock avatar, got clothes elsewhere which fit fine.

    Now My only problem is when i take off the shoes that I think came with my avatar, my ankles and feet disappear as well.

    Is there any fix for this other than to get a new skin?

    Thank a lot for any help.

  6. Hi,


    Just thought it might be worthy of discussion what impact if any you Sl adult activities have on your Real Life (rl) love life.


    If you have a partner,


    1 Does it enhance your lovelife, take away from it because you spend too much time on Sl or because you get the excitement in SL that you would be better having with your partner in rl?


    2 If you haven't a partner in real life,


    Does taking part in adult activities in sl stop you from devoting more of your time in real life to finding that partner?


    This is not a trick question, just wondering what others think


  7. it has to everyone's worst nightmare to engage in some naughtiness with someone they think is a over 18 in SL and only discover later that it was really a minor, maybe because the parents traced the minors internet activity.


    it would really be a terrible situation to be in, and how really can players in an adult world protect themselves against this I wonder.



  8. Hi folks,

    Every time I logon to SL the details of my collar come up on screen such as update information etc very irritating and take maybe 10-15 secs to disappear.

    Its not a small text section either takes up a good part of my monitor.

    Just wondering is there a way to turn this off or maybe the answer is to get a new collar.

    Many thanks for any help.


  9. Thanks very much for that link. Managed to get Sl working with that driver but no the Firestorm viewer, which will open ok and log me in but freezes before a sim is loaded.

    As regards the above driver it wont install just by clicking on the downloaded file. It has to be done by going to the device manager and updating from there, what I call a Force install....kinda approbiapte for SL...lol


    Thanks again


  10. Hi folks,

    I just installed windows 8 32 bit but SL and firestorm fails to start get a message about needing a new graphics card driver.

    I have an ATI radion HD 4600 not yet 3 years old and installed the latest drivers but no good.

    It does seem that AMD are treating the 2000, 3000 and 4000 series of these cards as legacy products and wont be making any more drivers for them.

    I have tried windows 7 drivers but no good either.

    Anyone else having problems running SL and firestorm viewer under windows 8?

    Thanks for any help.



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