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  1. We are talking about the raise of Process Credit being Over the top . We know they must be a increase somewhere to maintain Secondlife Economic, i respect that . But the 2.5% Increase is Dramatic and The questions is How much every year is going to be a Increase? Is there going to be a end one day? Or every year we will face another 2.5 % ? One thing is that there must be a fees and im willing to pay but at the end of the day we are talking about processing Money to give out to Paypal. IS it going to be faster for us at least? Whats more does we get from benefit? Nothing. I dont see a reasons valuable to resonate this Ammount .

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  2. I always have kept it low when it about Secondlife Business and public things, but this featured news is ridiculous, and I have to speak up and say my 2 cents on the subject. If u don't agree with me fine but I hope this goes in the face of someone who manages so.

    I know that Second Life has to Make profits is it a business and in order to balance things up about new featured and etc, they have to decrease increase somewhere else.

    But 2.5% to 5% what? I'm sorry that seems a bit excessive, is it going to raise up every year by 2.5 %? Like whats more does it give to feature for the Business wise and wide of the community. Okay, they add up more options to the Marketplace and give an opportunity for new jobs options for managers but aren't they changing a lot more than few little featured here and there? Second life has been on the grid for years at this point the reasons why is it mainly because (the servers are up) lol but mostly the Customers Users Creators Bloggers Artist etc. I don't see a WE ARE the people who run the Business-wide of Secondlife. The only things we do not manage are the Platform itself the script, HTML, etc. Membership new homes etc. That's is their job as The platform to provide for people who decide to pay for a featured to receive a result back of what they are paying for. But this applies To the people who have the membership, not the actual Free user's point. There is nothing more the users get not only they are downloading the program spending bandwidth in the servers (don't get me wrong I'm sure this regenerate lots of traffic and money as well.) but Yes for the Whole community but isn't Second life make their profits from the whole community. What are the Free Users get? Nothing. Because whats u actually get is Opportunity to get land lesser prices. This is a Business move is it not a friendly user move. This is another tactic for more money in their pocket and I found it disgusting that nothing is given back to the community. We always have to pay more then we should! They give us a platform to work on and play with but they are not only taking fees from Upload Market etc. Fees charged for processing, fees from buying. fees from Membership. I felt like they are taking us for granted. Only the fact they announce this NEW FEATURED 2 Week before the actual move shown their Character and how Sl thinks as a whole. The people who work in Linden labs are they users Or are they just standing at Noob island and make presentations with 10 people listening? I don't think they see this Whole community has what is it really. Also, they talk about an increase in sales last years they make whats Millions of dollars? Billions? Why do you think there is an increase. BECAUSE OF EVENTS. EVENTS BRING A lot of Traffic and people in an area Spending a lot of money in a small amount of time. First I felt they should work on the land and give us Lag free Servers and More opportunity for the people who run Events and have the teams work more on the Actual WHATS IS POPULAR area than those 2008 Popular places in Second Life. They should give the users a more variety of Store Selections Free Clothing based on Whats is trending like the New Store and give out The noobs a More 2019 ways of understanding how being in Second life work. Showcase Artist works and land and Bloggers. I truly believe Bloggers deserve such recognition in Second life and have a page dedicated like a Blogs Style in Marketplace like an actually places where they can HAVE a BLOG on the SITE! Second life is about Creativity and they are turning it into just business. I agree it nice to make a living here and i have to pay it normally. I am making this rant because this is making me angry seeing it like this. I will probably get hate from this post but u know what I don't give a dam. I'm done, I think Secondlife and i think the Community deserve more than that. ..Also The group Decreasing? You CANT TAKE BACk something u implanted in the Community .. this is a nope

    Sorry and thank you for reading.. Also if you care enough maybe you should look more about a HUGE Community of Secondlife resident who are on facebook just a head up: 


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  3. I Agree with Charlotte 100% 


    1. We also need possibility to changed the  landmark for ours listing easier then going thought all the pages.

    I myself had to changed sim and locations and having to changed the landmark can be very hard if you have 10 pages + .

    2. We would need a way to keep same info on files regard descriptions , or listing can be very long to copy paste all info store policy etc..

    3. We should have a Way to add up multiple item to one listing regard collections so people can buy and see thought a photo their choices without having to click each individual item on market to access to buy and visual. I myself and other creators created collections that could be very helpful!


    I have no ideas if this make sence but i agree on multiple of you. This 



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