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  1. Marigold Devin wrote:


    Regarding the OTR that Phoenix had, I never believed it was possible to have a totally private conversation, because what a field day potential terrorists/paedophiles/bank robbers etc would have. OTR just was there to give people a false sense of security (in my opinion).


    You live in the United States right? This is why you're losing all of your rights and why you have the TSA everywhere and NDAA bills getting signed when no one is paying attention that basically negates every right you have and you're absolutely fine with this?

    "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    (Benjamin Franklin)


    Better a false sense of security than no security?

    Better to have a lock on the door even when not impenetrable?

    It's one thing to observe and document and quite another to act on it and harass a person, if this is in fact what is happening which I cannot know one way or another except to go with my suspicions and what I think I've been observing carefully enough.

  2. Kylie Jaxxon wrote:

    SaltyBoy wrote:

    So, it's normal and acceptable in second life to have people grabbing phrases from your personal chat (which is not secure by the way - even though the phoenix team tried to make it so but was denied by linden lab?) and details of your personal life and creating accounts around that only to be destroyed later?

    Better advise, would be to leave this game, wouldn't you agree?

    There is a serious problem here that no one wants to admit so I'm speaking out.

    That, or don't put that kind of info in your chat messages...keep everything said impersonal


    Agreed and really, that's the only obvious answer.


    If you're in this game you have to assume the worst because it is happening and I've even asked friends about their general contact in second life and what kinds of things are in fact possible, which may be far more than we could imagine.

  3. So, it's normal and acceptable in second life to have people grabbing phrases from your personal chat (which is not secure by the way - even though the phoenix team tried to make it so and did for awhile but was denied by linden lab?) and details of your personal life and creating accounts around that only to be destroyed later?

    Better advise, would be to leave this game, wouldn't you agree?

    There is a serious problem here that no one wants to admit so I'm speaking out.

  4. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote:

    You're already giving them more attnetion than they deserve.  That's exactly what they want.  Stop giving it to them.  You've been far too generous with them already. (=_=)

    The way you're justifying them so far makes them sound like they're your friends and they just get pissy once in a while. (=_=)y

    My friends are you kidding? This has been going on for months and I am certain this is beyond a couple of people joking around because it's all the time and who has that much determination? Besides, I've not even mentioned this previously so I'm giving attention to no one; I had always just ignored them and random teleports that never stop etc..

    Thanks for your responses though but this game is really more trouble than it's worth and I think linden lab or big brother is behind this as they "investigate" people or whatever it is they claim to do so if you're wise, you'll avoid offering up your details and allow every government body to watch what you do and listen to your chat because obviously this is what they're doing.

    Seriously, who else would be listening to your chat and creating and destroying accounts based on it?

    That's my opinion, you make your own.

  5. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote:

    "I asked if there was a problem" << Big mistake.   That's what they want.  Instead of addressing them, just mute them and ignore them for the insiginificant dorks they are. (


    They come back constantly, new disposable names and it's the same thing over again.

    The other thing is, they're not always abusive and sometimes they'll pay me money like I said and just hang around and then say "so you're not going to speak?". They're always a week old or less pretending to be new and when I ask how they got that money with no payment information, I get "nevermind that why does it matter?".

    They're always trying to get personal information out of me, no matter where I go, this is a big problem and I'm seriously thinking about just avoiding this game except where absolutely necessary because this is happening and I do believe linden lab is involved in some way but that's my opinion, only because I don't see this being possible and to this extent with accounts appearing and disappearing.

    I should have started video taping this.

  6. This isn't a resident dispute. This is multiple account harrassment.

    In fact, I was at a female skin shop (on a female avater sometimes) where I last left off (rarely go there, have no groups in my profile or images or anything) and I was watching as I typically do when I first log on and this person (male avatar dressed all noobish) showed up for literally 2 seconds because I saw them immediately and amongst a small group of people, sent me a message of 1 single character then left.

    The place wouldn't even have loaded if it were a normal person.

    I asked if there was a problem to which they said in so many words, "yeah, you're ugly" and continued on with slurs and of course "why are you on an alt" while ignoring everything else I said. Their profile now is completely cleared and the alt that uploaded their image was deleted faster than I could get the report out so it wasn't a consequence of the report, it was their own doing.

    I'm beyond the point of whether or not this is happening; this is happening.

    Not sure there's anything I can do except to make this very clear to everyone that this happens.

  7. Nova Convair wrote:

    Sounds like another conspiracy theory.


    Maybe a theory to you but an absolute reality for me and for the past few months I've been careful to teleport places and watch who shows up and to pay attention to their nickname because it took me weeks to believe it myself but, without fail, they come straight for you no matter how many people are around.

    I even confided in a person who observed the same thing and eventually had to say in so many words, "you know I didn't beleive you at first but something is definitely going on" when a unique name they thought up and called me only in private (because I asked to make sure they weren't saying this everywhere else) ended up as a username the following day of a person who ended up wandering around them for a few minutes behind this person, obviously trying to get a reaction?

    Shortly after of course, the name disappears from the database (just checked now to be sure).

  8. Imagine that from the moment you enter second life to the moment you leave second life, that there are individuals following you and initiating contact with you in very strange ways.

    Sometimes you have an avatar a few weeks old with no payment information sending you hundreds of lindens trying to get you to talk (like there's something to talk about) or others teleporting to you directly, to instant message you with a single letter and than teleport away all in under a few seconds expecting you may respond after you've ignored so many other direct attempts at contact.

    Imagine that they pester you for personal information, verbally assault you and even imply physical harm.

    Imagine that teleporting away is not enough when another random person shows up even in obscure places with no one around, to do just the same under a different account usually less than 30 days old with little to nothing in it.

    Imagine these accounts are actually like this because they are disposable.

    All of the above is true and has been going on for months now and just tonight, after being called "ugly" and a "**bleep**get" (their spelling not mine - slur for homosexual) I decided to send in a number of reports to linden lab when it dawned on me, after writing everything down, that this individual had to have special powers in second life.

    In this persons profile, the photo I noticed was uploaded from an alt of there's (phoenix provides you with the upload username, which was just 9 days old) and had a curious name like they may have been messing others directly with the username as they had done previously because one thing that I've noticed is that the names chosen for these avatars always relate in some way to you and sometimes even a common phrase said in instant message among friends (this happened to me so, it's beyond coincidence).

    I should mention, the person kept asking me why I was on an alt and wouldn't let that go like they wanted agreement.

    I finally had to admit to myself this morning that there was no way this could be happening without again, second life powers normal people would not have access to and of course the ability to delete accounts instantly.

    I am aware that big brother is here but never as aware as I am now because I am certain there is no other reasonable explanation and I just wanted to say that I really have a new perspective on second life and I certainly give a lot more credence to many things I have heard over the years from users who have long gone.

    I'm really not sure if this post will survive here but it needs to be said for sure and while I'm not "necessarily" holding anyone responsible for this, I am certain whoever is involved in this harassment is not doing this on their own.

    I would like some feedback from anyone who has an opinion on this and it's not beyond me to think either that those who reply most in these forums (and you see a lot of them around) are not linden lab employees as well and while there is no problem with that, I seriously have to question everything including advise now because it's not just a straight-forward game anymore at least not to me, when it more resembles a chapter from 1984.

    I always thought people who didn't want to provide real life information were over-reacting, but no way.

    * If you think in your own mind that linden lab could not be involved in this, then you must admit that second life is seriously flawed as far as privacy goes (private chat / location / more) and there are people getting away with harassment using dummy accounts.

    * If you believe that linden lab is involved in this (or opening the door for others) then you have to wonder what the hell is going on and how they can allow someone to be so harassing when it reflects their business.

    * If you think I am making all of this up, I filed about 5-6 abuse reports and you can submit at ticking asking about their authenticity because this morning was really the last straw.

    Edit: I just log into that account now to receive a offline message. I had teleported away to send in those reports and noticed someone hovering over me and had decided to talk to them because I'm becoming suspicious of everyone.

    Here's what they said after I logged off...
    (Saved Thu May 10 05:07:48 2012) I'm never entirely honest with anyone, Salty.  This is second life

    No one deserves this and someone better take a good hard look this because I do consider this abuse.

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