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  1. Miss-Continent-Post-1024x1024.thumb.png.9498098d2539c0f77231d909c2911e0a.png

    Miss Continent is an Annual Pageant that was Founded on August 2021 and opened to the public in February 2022. This Pageant takes place in Second Life. The company was Founded by Athena Blackwood. The motto is “Confident. Enchanting. Fascinating.”

    Empowering women from all over the world. Building the confidence, she needs in order to do her best. It does not matter what level she is in her skill set, what she looks like or who she knows. She can be the most popular or an unknown. Miss Continent challenges and accepts all women in every way and helps her discover herself in a new light. We appreciate and value all the ladies who enter our doors.

    “Miss Continent is not just about her beauty and style. She is about her confidence, passion, skills, fierceness, hard work, responsibility and loyalty to the crown. She reigns like no other and no challenge is too small. A lady that can do anything she puts her mind to.”

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  2. █ The Royal District PRESS RELEASE

    The Royal District is a beautiful new mall showcasing a variety of shop styles available for rent. Rent is affordable and won't break the bank. Also renters get benefits such as pay 1 month and receive 10% discount. Free join to any holiday events such as Valentines Day, St. Patrick Day and so on by creating 1 exclusive for the event. Renters also get special discount for any special events hosted by Miss Royalty Organization or Athena Couture. Contact DjRoseAthena for questions or more info.

    Shop Sizes

    16m x 12m (6 available) (L$400 per week/ 150 prims)
    14m x 12 (4 available) (L$400 per week/ 150 prims)
    12m x 12m Corner (SOLD OUT)
    12m x 12m (6 available) (L$200 per week/ 100 prims)
    10m x 12m (8 available) (L$200 per week/ 100 prims)

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