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  1. There are so many things you can do in SL, you can go to awesome parties, explore amazing places and appreciate some SL art, you can basically do anything you like.

    There's always something to do here so if you get bored, just look in the events and find something you like, or search in the search bar for some key word of something that interests you, like "disco" or "music" you'll have lots of fun.

    SL is only boring when you don't really know it well, i remember when i was a "noobie" i used to have alot of down time in second life but once you get the hang of it you'll be always busy going from one place to another :D

  2. I think this is a real problem of mine, i've had several avatars before (like 2 years ago) and the reasion i quit wasn't because i grew tired of SL it was because i loved it too much and was scared that that would create problems in my RL...i abandoned alot of friends and i have a nice SL starting, very promising, but still i decided to quit.

    When i created this avatar i told myself i would be more carefull (i missed SL) but i got so scared i uninstalled the viewer right after i created my avi and walked around for a bit, so i keep myself on the forums so i don't get addicted like i was before...

    Is anyone there with a similar problem? What do you think about this?

  3. When i was a big fat noob i remember i joined one of those vampire rp's but mostly for the feeling of blending in with other residents than my love for the vampires lol, as i got "older" and i met more people i gave up on the vamp thing, it was always the same thing.. and SL is plenty of fun things to do once you get the hang of it

  4. I don't believe in love in SL, i do believe there are people that might find eachother through here and have a very beautiful relationship, but i don't want that for me. I'm one of those silly girls who finds a guy in her teen years and sticks with him forever, so i wouldn't know what SL relationships are about, i think it's important for you to see that person daily and have a face to face conversation with him...online relationships don't work out for me basically

  5. Hey everyone, i've been here for 6 months, and i've already learned alot, but one of the things i haven't achieved yet is friendships.

    I'd love having new friends to hang around and have fun all around second life, SL is great but without friends it can become a bit boring :(

    See you inworld! ;)

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