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  1. Is it possible to hide a username?

    I realize it can't be changed and the information is available on the profile. Some here tend to call me by the username as opposed to the display name.

  2. During the last two weeks, I would be chatting it up with friends in a sim when it would appear that one has poofed. On the surface, no big deal. It's when I continue to hear them chat but I don't see them. I've ask where they are and the answer invaribly comes back as "in front of you". They don't even show on the radar or the people list,  but they are present. It's happened a number of times. I end up relogging and all is fine. I'm wondering what might cause this and is there a way to remedy it w/o having to relog.


    UPDATE: my bad, I should have mentioned I'm using Firestorm

  3. This is going to be a different type of problem, but it only happens when I post here at SL Help forum.

    I'm hoping some can point me in the right direction to remedy it.


    When I post here, a rouge line always appears at the bottom. I've tried editing and no matter how many times I delete it, it always seems to pop its existance back into the post. Can anyone advise me on how to lose it for future posting here?


    <script id="overlay_tmpl" type="text/html">// <div id="<%= overlayId %>" class="_mp3rocket_overlay_style" style="left: <%= overlayLeft %>; top: <%= overlayTop %>; width: <%= overlayWidth %>; height: <%= overlayHeight %>"></div> // </script>


    I did NOT type that.

    UPDATE: I tried clearing the signature line (it was empty) and reset, but the problem persists. I understand thsi could be a machine problem, but it only occurres when I post here.

    <script id="overlay_tmpl" type="text/html">// <div id="<%= overlayId %>" class="_mp3rocket_overlay_style" style="left: <%= overlayLeft %>; top: <%= overlayTop %>; width: <%= overlayWidth %>; height: <%= overlayHeight %>"></div> // </script>
  4. For the last few days, when I go to sign in to SL, using Firestorm, my viewer has been crashing. The load up goes as far as "initializing texture cache" before, what appears, to lock up. I've tried reinstalling Firestorm (the latest version) and have gone as far as restarting my computer and repeating the process. When I attempt to log in, the crash report comes up immediately, telling me that the problem is somewhere at the beginning of the load up...the texture notice then shows and thats all she wrote.


    I realize this is just a users forum and not true tech support. I'm hoping someone here  has had the same problem and am curious to how they remedied it. In the meantime, I'm using Phoenix for my excursions and travels.


    I thank all in advance.


    EDIT: If I were to make adjustments in preferences in one viewer (Phoenix), would those changes show in another viewer (Firestorm). Perhaps if its involves a simple preference change, I could fix the problem as such?



  5. I have recently been released from Pandoras Prison. However, I still carry the cuffs that were attached there. It was suggested I log from RLV to remove them myself. Problem is that I can not locate where to log out of RLV on Firestorm.


    A step by step would be appreciated. I'll treat the cuffs as fashion accesorries in the meantime

  6. This may have to be explained simply. There are some q/a's here that ask about sending a notecard, but they don't touch on sending an original card, only one that has been already sent.

    What are the steps to sending an originating notecard to someone not on a friends list?

  7. While perusing SL, I notice from time to time, some participants chatting with some fairly complex dialog. For example, instead of simple responses such as "Viola blinks and blushes...", it will read as "Viola blinks and blushes as her friend begins to take liberties with the porterhouse steak". I am simplifying this because this forum is probably not A rated. Short of believing the writers are proficient in writing styles, is there a suggested area that one could utilize instead of coming across with "hi", "hello", "I'm OK"...short answers that could equate to grunts and groans. Something that could be actual conversation.

    BTW, when I mention dialog, I am speaking of two-way conversation between avatars and not computer dialog.

  8. This more a thought tham a question. If one were to open a club on SL and featured musical acts recorded work (studio and LIVE), would there be a BMI and/or ASCAP restriction, perhaps it being considered a fair use payment?

  9. This may be not so much a question but a heads up.

    I signed in to do some work on my avatar and an IM in q came back telling me how to win 1000L$ right now!!!

    I understand that  some nefarous souls are out there (RL and SL) with intentions of ruining someones day to their advantage. As soon as I read the missive, scam flashed through my mind.free L$.jpg

    This may be nothing, it could be something. I figured it best to share it and save someone their hard earned $L and any possible headaches.


    BTW, you Mods are doing a heck of a job...pat yourselves on the back (don't break your arm doing so).


  10. What is a better way to keep track of my inventory? The amount of items on my list is forcing me to make a home for some I use frequently and others I hardly use, but don't wish to toss away yet. I've attempted to create a folder to move some items into, but there are selections that will not allow a cut and paste.

    An example would be the number of freebies I've collected. I would like to create a separate folder for them, but to move them is a different matter.


    I'm open to suggestions.

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  11. After attempting to purchase some Linden from LL with a $25 virtual Mastercard (prize from a Camel promotion),I finally found success at virwox.com. Don't let the layout of the site freak you out. It is similar to those I've seen concerning serious commerce trading.

    To the right of the sign in (upper left) is an area for purchasing Lindens with a credit card or Paypal among the choices available (sign in not required). Simply enter what you wish to spend and the current trading will determine how many Linden you will recieve, follow the prompts. In my case, since I was a new customer, I didn't recieve the Linden until a few hours later. An email explaining why it was taking so long told me I was new and my avatar was showing a Negative Risk API rating. It's all good. Try there.

  12. I recently ordered some L$ from a third party source (Virwox), since LL and Paypal would not accept a pre-paid card as payment. It took a while for the L$ to show up. An explanation from Virwox indicated my account with them was new (understandable) and LL showed my avatar as having a "negative Risk API reading" (???). They wrote me that the negative rating will disappear over time.

    What is a Negative Risk API rating and why would it affect my purchase from a third party?

  13. In the words of a former president..."I feel your pain, Jasonite".

    I went around in circles today for about two hours, with SL and Paypal, trying to purchase some L$ with a virtual Mastercard from a Camel promotion. The gist I walked away with was that at one time, SL did accept gift cards/prepaid cards, but not now. I understand at one time, accounts would be opened up with the information, but it's difficult to collect funds from a depleted card.

    One suggestion was to open a Paypal account to get around SL policy. On paper a great idea, however, Paypal doesn't accept prepaid cards either. In the end, I deleted the PP account.

    Kudos to Yedda L Scout for going far and beyond in attempting to make the purchase go through, but nada!

    If there is a way to purchase L$ with a prepaid card, I'm listening.

  14. I purchased some eye makeup and lipstick only to find I could use one and not the other at the same time. As it stands, they're considered tattoos. Can I create another layer to utilize both purchases at the same time?


    Update to answer Cinn:

    There is no add feature on the dropdown menu. Just delete, edit, wear and takeoff.

    If it helps, I am using a Phoenix viewer.


    KUDOS to the three of you!

    Note to self: Mention platform next time.

  15. On a third grade level (or a level easily understood by this writer), what is the difference between mesh and non mesh viewers?

    What might the advantages be and not be?

    I've had opportunities to d/l mesh versions of SL viewers but backed off, not knowing if my visit to SL would be enhanced or maybe jeopardized (perhaps a too heavy word) by using a product version I currently don't understand, hence the question.

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