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  1. Yeah I guess I didn't need to put that. Normally I just put things like this because I find more in common with people in that range!
  2. I love SL and spend a lot of my time modding or decorating. But I also hate it because I am alone 90% of the time! Not surprisingly I am shy and struggle to make the first "IM" in the beginning meeting people was so easy for me, I had so many friends and so much to do. Nowadays it feels like it's just me playing this game. Outside of events I usually don't see anyone. I've tried going to hangouts, but I don't really know any good ones for people around my age (20-28) In all honesty I want to meet some friends and be able to explore or even just chill and chat as well as shares the same type of fashion/interests/hobbies etc. !!! Hopefully it's not just me feeling this struggle!
  3. Do you have any idea how long it might take?
  4. The only thing i see when i go to my preferences and a G and no drop bar or anything
  5. I just turned 18 and I can't seem to change my maturity rating in the viewer yet I can in the market place. Anyone know why this is?
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