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  1. I can't see other avatars next to me nor on the NEARBY option and objects won't load completely. Also I go to "nowhere land" when I sit.Plus my avatar won't load fully. This is happening in specific sims not everywhere. In other places I am good to go.

    Please I need some insight on this. I am thinking someone is messing up my avatar (if it's possible).

    The lands that I am having trouble at are owned by the same person. The problem started some 4-5 days ago. Even when I drop an object to rez is impossible to see it. I was on SL viewer when the problems began and I switched to Firestorm to see what happened, but all was the same. I came in with my ALT and I could see eveything fine.

    As I said before... Could someone be hudding my avatar or something with scripts??

  2. I tried Rebake, Character Test and I reloged. I can only see my attachements, no layers are visible. How can I fix this?

    I was a white avatar completely, not a cloud nor glowing. I resolved the issue by detaching everything, then I changed my skin and my eyes. That helped eliminating the white.

    Thank you :)

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