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  1. You don't have to restart your computer to get out of that  situation Adrian. Well not as long as all else fails. :)

    I am using Vista just now. and I suggest you try a couple of these things that I explain when your Avatar freezes up on your screen. 

    1. Try pressing your PC button to get back to your destop. then you can try to close Secondlife by right clicking on the SL viewer below and by closing the program.

    2. press Ctrl + Alt + Del. This will interupt Second Life and will give you the opertunity to log out of your Computer account and relog back into it without restarting your  PC.

    3. Press your PC button to see and get back to your desktop. Right click the  Taskbar on an empty  part of it and open your Task-Manager.  Once there, you can see in a short list, the SL Viewer that is started at the moment. Mark it and close it.

    Do not try it on the other pages of the Task-Manager unless you really know what you are closing and Why. If you are not conversant whith the Task-Manager and are not sure about it 100%. Then please find out about it before you use it OK .Otherwise it  can mess things up a liitle bit. 

    4. If you are using XP. Then try these same things as from 1  to  3. 

    Phoenix seems to have this problem still. I experience a crash when I want to take a  snapshot mostly.

    I  hop this is helpfull Adrien, and good  luck.

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