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  1. Hi all 

    Don't be shy. I buy a lot of gowns(I love it :)) and I go all by myself to Balrooms if I want to listen to my favorite singers.And it happens very often.There is always a lot of couples and the most of the time I am the only one alone and I dance solo enjoying the music :).I never thought it was a problem and I feel fine.Of course,it must be nice if you have someone for a dance but I am afraid the person who invites want more than only dancing,so I prefer not to take the risk cause Im not opened to it at the moment.I have a friend who shows up once in a lifetime and we go together because he is only interested in dancing too, but unfortunatelly our zone times are different- (I'm in Brazil,he is in German) - and I would never miss a singer I like because I am alone.Well,I am used to be the only one at the Ballroom who hasn't a dedication song but I still think the couples are so cute doing it to each other,and more...haha...The singers offer songs to the couples all the time and I get nothing lol.But I am good with it,really.Besides,I want to hear he or she singing and an IM conversation during the dance can mess up my concentration.Well,maybe I am getting old and snore(is it the right world?).Hope you find a great dance partner :womanhappy:

    P.S.I also hope my english is understandable.

  2. I remembered I also asked for help in the forum when I was going to buy a laptop for SL as I don't know nothing about it.This is what I received as option and I followed it,also with the help of the store seller.It runs ok till today,maybe it's a silly question,but can you tell me if the viewer has to do with laptop running ok or not? I've noted it runs faster in one of the third part viewers,thought it goes good with the others.The price is maybe a little expensive,but it worths if we use it for our RL work too.

    i3 ou i5 (second generation-)  Intel Core i5-2410M

     HD 500 Gb

    RAM:  8Gb    Ge Force 520 m ou Radeon 6470 m

  3. Hi

    This topic says everythin I've been thinking of,as I spend the most of my time at Venues(live music). I can't say it's the majority, but at some venues it happens exactly what you said and it's really boring and at least,  the singers are the big attraction. Sometimes I note that the hostess talk, but a "cliquish" talking with their friends in local chat.Though, I need to say that at live shows it must happens less than at clubs,I don't use  to go to clubs,so I don't know.Once I thought about working as a hostess because I love to be at music places,I gave up because I think I would need to make my english better ,just because of everything you said, I don't like this amount of impersonal gestures,I think the hostess needs to be friendly and talk to the guests.

    Good day

  4. Hi

    Mine works abolutely great for SL, despite it has been almost damaged with soda.The only issue is that I need recharging battery in a shorter time than for other stuff ,but still not so short. It works great for machinima or youtube.As I'm not an expert in this topic, I've just asked ,at the store,a laptop that would run heavy graphics,dedicated memory(is it the word?) and all the other needings for a great performance.It's a Samsung, windows 7,I5.,Nvidida optimus...I'm totally satisfied,no need for my desktop pc.

    Hope you find yours 'cause it is so practical.

    Good day

  5. Solved.

    If it happens someone: I was so worried about Portuguese language that I wasn't looking at the english words.Finally, I've noted that "pic' (from picture) is part of a bad word in portuguese referring to a man's anatomy detail. I changed "pic" for photo and profile turned into G.

    LL support sent quick answers.


  6. Well,nothing changed. I received several repetitive answers from support about market place products rate lists,though i was always answering I am not a merchant and telling details of my case over and over again.Finally, after upgrading to Premium I've received a detailed answer with reasonable steps to change my profile rating cause it could be some bug or whatelse. It didn't work. I've left my profile empty, rejoined groups (all G) ,clear cache,etc. Nothing happened :( 

  7. Just to say, I tried all the steps. Nothing worked. At last, I deleted that link for a Christmas video I had made,cause youtube link could be the issue, though my youtube is just about music. It is still A. So, I'm gonna send a ticket. I'm a little embarrased to go to the places carrying this A profile on my back.Anyway, thanks, Sl forum has been very helpful in many issues.

  8. First,thanks so much for your help :smileyhappy:. I don't know what "pedi" means,but pedido = asking and gentileza = kindness,but it can be a reason. You know, I thought about the word brazilian for the same reasons you said in a so kind way. I understand what you mean.But then I thought it  would be so prejudice !.But,it will be the first word I'll try and if it is the reason I'm goona report LL haha,serious,it's not cool if it is the reason. But I'll follow all your steps, if it doesn't work I'll contact support,

    The only thing is about the groups,cause there are G rated people in the same groups. Maybe, all these things you post, together, make an A profile, though this filter works like that SL translator that is a mess. I'll see it all and will post the results here.Maybe it takes a time.

    And yes, all the places and specially the artists in my groups are just amazing!! 

    Thanks thanks :) Merry Xmas, oops this X can be filtered as unapropriated lol.

  9. Hi. After reading all the posts and links ,I still don't know why I'm flagged as A. I was told  about it 2 days before and I thought it was because of age,but I see by reading the forum , it is not. I have no A pics or groups and no xx. You said here that some words can be rated as Adult. I had this in my RL tab: " i like to fly alone to live shows...blahblah...and i don't want a partner to chain my ankle", so I deleted the part of "chain my ankle" cause the word CHAIN could be the issue. I am still A. I don't go to Adult places unless a singer is performing at an Adult venue,and it is not a reason as some friends also go to these venues and still are G. I live at a moderate sim. Well, my profile is boring and has nothing to do with A. Now I will just log in for paying rent till this go off my profile,otherwise I'm done.  Could you see something that I am not seeing? Thanks

  10. Hello

    As soon I've read your post, I went to Darkmoon site and Larps. I'm not familiar with RP but I've read a lot about it and I have the idea how it goes. Then i went for a visit to the Island and is really amazing. As it was said before, the intro/TP is really great. I was just afraid to enter a house by mistake. I touched the box and I have Larps in my inventory,but though I've read almost the whole site, it's still hard to me, besides I

  11. Hi Mariah

    I'm also tired of people who only thinks of going to retirement and improve it  buying a cosy rocking chair,haha. I've met nice and fun people in some live venue shows,young at heart, but the show ends and SL becomes boring...it would be great finding a group or place for hanging around with this young hearted seniors crowd.

    MariahWhispers wrote:

    I am looking for friends that may be young hearted seniors.  I am so tried on people in real life that are my age and act like they are sitting around waiting to die.

    Gee, the late 50's to mid 60's is not old in today's world.


    Life is so gooooooddddd. Try it.

  12. Oi

    Demorei um pouquinho pra comprar o note mas vim dizer que realmente funcionou bem. Porém,Phoenix e firestorm ficam um pouco lentos mas o v2 vai muito rápido.De qualquer forma, no desktop continuo usando Fs e uso V2 só no note.

    Obrigada pelas informações ::  :)

  13. Oi

    Olhei por todo o fórum e não encontrei nenhum tópico sobre esse assunto,então, alguém poderia me responder qual notebook devo comprar e que seja bom para rodar SL? já me falaram em memória dedicada, placa de vídeo,etc...mas sou péssima para entender isso.Queria saber qual comprar.Estou testando machinima e gostaria de um bom notebook.



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