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  1. Need some advice on some good quality shin and shape. Tried Laq, didnt work for me, spent a lot on the new Susan skin, using redgrave now, but wanted some idea of how to make sure i dont just buy some arbitary skin - btw the demos dont help me at all! thats what Susan was a massive fail on. Planning to buy from maybe BDR, any suggestions?

    Update #1 - will attempt to get a snapshot - thanks for your answers, i think the main problem was with the shape, since i dont look anything like the shapes they sell with susan, and and moment i edit it, it looks weird. Hopefully will get this sorted - @BDR - thats a seller of skins which i was looking at.

  2. Easiest is either go to a sandbox or if you are in a piece of land which allows you to rez objects, (you can check this by looking at the top of your viewer if rez is not allowed, there will be a small box with a "not allowed" symbol in red across it ) you can rez in any land which allows it - ideal is to find a place where you can have some privacy - also make sure to "take" the box after opening it and copying items to inventory!

    Have a great SL!

  3. I currently have a NVIDIA GEForce 8600M GS card on my HP Laptop. Since i wanted to buy a new laptop was wondering whether a 310M card from NIVIDIA is better ot a Geforce GT 520M card from NVIDIA is better. Im looking at not very fast speeds as my internet connection is 400 KBPS but i wanted to have something which will work with the new Code 2 Mesh which is going to be introduced

  4. I am buying a new laptop in the price range of 400 to 800 USD - wide i know but i have no idea how to go about this - I need the laptop to run the new Code 2 mesh - graphics card is where i get stuck which is better 8000 NVIDIA or 310M or 305M what will i be able to do? really confused and need someone to explain how this works there is also some 520M series - which is better? will be really greateful for a practical answer - have seen the Kirsten's site, the System specs in SL and i dont know what makes sense...... please help!


    edit - know this sounds like a duplicate post but it reflects my confusion in figuring this out!

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