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  1. I just updated to the latest Firestorm version, and I'm having a really strange problem where the moment it loads in, regardless of graphical setting or emptiness of the sim, anything that I can really think of being the culprit, CONSTANTLY hangs every other second. one second fine, next hang, next fine, and so on. I have never experienced such a strange problem before, so I've got no idea why it would be acting up like this, especially on a fresh install with all caches cleared.

    Edit: decided to try the regular viewer for the sake of being thorough. literally no issue with it, though I forget if it's up to date or not.

  2. The fact this place is named after my absolute favorite UT2k4 map tells me alot as is, and looking at the build (albeit very small) I see alot of the things I enjoy here. I'll be sure to check it out again during the day. hopefully people will be on for me to meet folks!

  3. I feel like my statement may be a little rediculous, but a good way to get people to pay attention.

    I find myself constantly wondering where to find any sort of freeform scifi roleplay sims. Sure, i've found a few, but they're either overly complex and confusing (Remnants of Earth), poorly made/planned, or just completely empty. Sometimes all three!

    I guess maybe I've been on SL too long, but i keep wishing for someplace like old Midian City before the owners kept shoving more and more restrictive rules into everything. I miss the total anarchy that the storylines could be, the rediculous multi-tiered build with catwalks everywhere, and good game-space flow with everyone congregating along the main street so finding a roleplay was easy and fun.

    Is this sort of thing just gone entirely? It boggles my mind as a scifi creator that my products seem to sell fairly well despite there being seemingly so few places anyone can actually USE any of it. Or for that matter, that -I- personally could go to have some fun using my own creations.

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  4. Like the title says, I seem totally unable to use voice now due to some update to Windows 10 last night. the day before it was working fine, but now I can't seem to do anything to make it connect. the voice connection icon just stays red. Is there anything in particular that could have messed up? I tried checking on the Microphone privacy issue from the April update, but that was fine.

  5. I've been trying to find an answer on my own about this particular thing for awhile now, as it's proven rather aggravating to try and get a synced workflow for baking my maps out.

    Currently, I bake my tangent space normals in 3D studio max. While this seems to be the closest to being on sync with secondlife's tangent basis, I'm constantly having to wrangle Max's artifact issues when baking. So, I was wondering if anyone has dug around into the viewer code to see if there's anything about the specific tangent basis used by the viewer. If that can be found, it might be possible to implement this into a tangent basis calculation plugin for Xnormal. (of course assuming that I can figure out how to get that far.)

    In general, something like this would be extremely useful for everyone, as it would eliminate the majority of guesswork that comes with seam issues and other errors that come from baking with different tangent basis than intended for the viewer's rendering.

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