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  1. Hello.

    I have been looking for an inworld community of photographers for a long time (see one of my threads in 2016).  That thread is a bit old so I'll refresh it here.

    I did check the photohunt, and I plan on taking part in it, sounds fun.

    However, I was thinking of seeing if the interest was there to set up a place in world for a photographer's forum that would cover all topics that photographers in SL might want to know about, from contests and galleries to flickr communities.  A place to share locations and possibly even have some seasoned photographers run a few in world tutorials or field questions in real time.

    Do you all think that this sounds like it could generate some interest?

    I already have the group made up, it's the "SL Photography Guild", if anyone is interested in joining and helping me plan out an inworld presence.   If this is already being done out there somewhere, please let me know. It'll save me time and lindens. ;)

    Thanks all! ❤️


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  2. Hello all.

    I've been into SL photography for as long as I've been in SL, however I've never had any photography friends really.  I'm looking for a SL group, hangout or online group that talks and possibly collaborates. Is there any out there?  I've got myself on Flickr, but there is no talking.  I just feel the need to find some like minded SLers.



    YodlesMaj on Flickr

  3. Hello all, 

    I've been having a hard time trying to find a custom clothier these days.  Getting married in just a few short weeks, and I'd love to have someone help make a beautiful gown for my wife to be.  She deserves it.  All attempts from word of mouth and searches have come up with custom work at a halt due to time constraints.   Anyone know of anyone who still does it and does a good job at it?  



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