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  1. Trying to wrap my head around rigged avatars, using SLAV, with Max 2011.

    Am on the beta grid, in sandbox 4, using Second Life 3.0.0 (238864)

    However, upon attempting to import anything expored from max with a rig attached, the "calculate upload weights & fee" button vanishes the moment I click the "skin weight" button.

    Is this a bug, or a "feature"...?

  2. Sigh.

    To be fair to the Lindens, it is a sandbox region. You shouldn't expect to be able to leave things sitting there for hours on end without them being returned.

    Check your Lost & Found folder.

  3. "Those SL creators are a hideously crafty bunch and it is hard to anticipate what deviltry they will conjure up to get around limits."

    But y'know - we shouldn't have to.

    We shouldn't have to look for some hack, that gets us around lousy implimentation.

    With the roll-out only weeks away, things are not looking good for the mesh revolution.

    After seeing how prim cost has risen on the beta grid, I'm actually finding myself more excited by the prospect of up-to-64 meter prims on the main grid, than I am by mesh objects being introduced there - because it looks like when mesh finally is implimented, it'll be so cripped by cost as to be worthless. 

    Numbers that don't add up. Prim costs that skyrocket if you attach prims to each other. The current setup seems like some passive-agressive attempt to punish users for daring to use it. 

    I'm almost starting to wonder if an executive decision hasn't been made to maintain the status quo at all cost. 

  4. " If you make the lowest very low, you have a good chance to bring the cost significantly down."

    I'd add to that thought, another - Considering that the lowest LOD isn't likely to ever be seen, as it's called primarily when the object is at such extreme range as to be little more than a pixel dot, it's safe to make your lowest LOD out of practically nothing.It doesn't have to even be the same shape as the object in question.

    The only limit is that you need at least one face for every texture area you want to use. If you have five textures, you have to have at least five faces.

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  5. Is the code that lets users create prims larger than ten meters so deeply tied to mesh, that it would be impossible to just let us have 64m prims on the main grid, right now?

    Why are we having to wait for that? I mean, ok - mesh isn't finished. There's still a lot of work to do on it, I get that. I'm not talking about mesh. I'm talking about the stopper that locks prims at ten meters. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to change the setting from 10 to 64, and be done with it.

  6. I'm trying to write a script that reads lines of text from a notecard into chat, and when it gets to the last line, loops back to the first line, so it ends up in a repeating loop until acted upon by an outside command.


    So far I've managed to get a script together that reads the text, but I cannot find any way to make it loop.


    key kQuery;
    integer iLine = 0;
    string thenote = "New Note";
    default {
        state_entry() {
            link_message(integer send, integer num, string message, key id)
            if (message == "Sitting")
            kQuery = llGetNotecardLine(thenote, iLine);
                   if (message == "Standing")
            kQuery = llGetNotecardLine(thenote, 9999);
            iLine = 0;
        dataserver(key query_id, string data) {
            if (query_id == kQuery) {
                // this is a line of our notecard
                if (data == EOF) {    
                 llSay(0, "No more lines in notecard, read " + (string)iLine + " lines.");
                } else {
                    // increment line count
                    llSay(0, data);
                    // delay time between responses
                    //request next line
                    kQuery = llGetNotecardLine(thenote, iLine);



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