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  1. yes I did pay my tier late and admitedly had done so in the past. there was a 48 hour grace period in the covenant. there was no land group to belong to this person owns many sims and rents out lots of parcels. The sim was returned to LL and closed with out any notice from the landlord even with repeated attempts at contact on-line and by notecard. I paid him the 14th it was due the 13th and as of the 15th the sim was listed as closed. So he got my 6700L and I got nothing in return. 

  2. thanks everyone for all your help. I sent a support ticket and spoke with live chat I'm just waiting for them to let me know when I can get back in to get my stuff. And for the record in case you ever want to to rent from someone never never never rent for Josua Sao that is the ass I was renting from.  I am so furious over this!!!!

  3. Yes that was supposed to be 2-14 2013. As far as I can tell it is inaccessible to everyone. When I open the map for the sim it just keeps saying loading. When I try to TP to it it says it is unavailable or the landmark no longer exists. I wasn't sure if LL could help since I only rent the space and I am not the actual sim owner.  I do have an Alt already I wasn't even thinking about using for that but I certainly will try that and see if I can access it that way. Thanks for your ideas :-) 

  4. I rent a plot of land, I have been renting from the same person for more than 3 years. I have never had a problem before with him or service. But I haven't been able to access the sim since 2-14-2012. I have Im'd him when he was on-line, sent him and his business partner notecards when they were off-line. I even went to the land office and paged him when he was on-line. I will admit I was a day late with my tier payment this month but that has never been an issue before. But it isn't just my plot that is in accessible its the entire sim. I don't know what to do. At this point I just want my stuff back. Has anyone had this experiance before???

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