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  1. So I have been gone from SL a long time, at least 5 years or more.

    Unless my memory is failing me (which is very possible) I think mesh bodies are new since I left.

    On top of remembering or relearning a lot of things I think I need to learn about mesh bodies.

    Any suggestions on where or how I can learn about mesh bodies?

    What else has dramatically changed? Do I need new clothes, a new skin, new hair, new shoes?

    If there was a "Welcome Back Center" for people that have been gone a log time that would be awesome.

    Signed Tex, a 15 year SL veteran newbie.


  2. 5 minutes ago, KT Kingsley said:

    It's group profiles that show your last login. According to the Xcite! group, it was 2015/02/09.

    Your in-world profiles says you joined SL on 08/23/2006: 14 years 3 months; 5206 days ago.

    Thanks, KT. That's what I was looking for. Buying myself a new laptop for Christmas, maybe I'll give SL another go.

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  3. I've been in SL for over 6 years now. Up until this point SL and myself have survived multiple "the end of SL" scenarios and predictions. Unless something dramatic happens I think this trend will continue.


    On a slightly related topic, I have been on Earth for over 55 years now. The Earth and myself have survived multiple "end of the world" scenarios and predictions. Assuming that I make it past Dec. 21st, I'm starting to think that I have survived "the end of the world" enough times now that I just might be immortal. While this would be encouraging, I think I had better start taking better care of myself.


  4. I would like to see more mens clothing.

    Maybe "more" is not correct, perhaps "different" mens clothing.

    In particular I would like to see mens clothes that don't look like something a thirteen year old boy that watches to much MTV would think is cool.

    I am slightly (laughs) over the age of thirteen in RL and much of the mens clothing in SL I would not ever wear in RL or in SL.



  5. I just recently returned to SL after being gone for several months.

    Upon returning I download the latest official SL viewer. I've been a cloud ever since.

    I've tried all the old tricks I used to know; rebaking textures, clearing cache and relogging, logging into an empty sim, editing appearance.

    Inworld someone suggested not doing anything until my inventory loads. My inventory seems to be loading ok.


    If I try to edit appearance over my avatar and name I see "(editing appearance) loading........", I've waited for up to an hour but apparently it never finishes "loading".


    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    The cloud formally known as Tex

  6. Not sure the proper forum for this so I'll try here.

    I was a Premium member for several years but I haven't been for the last 15 months or more.

    Today I recieved an interesting email from LL.

    It read, in part;

    "Dear Tex Nasworthy,

    We hope you're enjoying your Second Life.  This is a reminder that your
    Second Life Premium Quarterly Plan will be renewed on January 17, 2009, at
    which time you'll be charged $22.50(USD).  You don't need to do anything;
    renewal and billing are automatic."



  7. If I only had one hour left inworld....


    I would  throw my brain in a hurricane
    let the blind have my eyes
    let the deaf take both of my ears
    If they don't mind the size
    I'd give my stomach to Milwaukee
    If they run out of beer
    I'd put my socks in a cedar box
    Just get "em" out of here
    Venus de Milo can have my arms
    Look out! I've got your nose
    I'd sell my heart to the junkman
    And give my love to Rose
    I'd give my feet to the footloose
    Careless, fancy free
    Give my knees to the needy
    I'd send my mouth way down south
    And kiss my ass goodbye


    That's what I would do.

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