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  1. Seeking a new rp/combat sim with a story you can be involved in? Come to Advent Hollow and let your story begin…or end.

    Most races accepted. DCS RP Adult sim situations. See our sim and read our story at www.AdventHollow.com – and http://rptrail.com/website/sim-opening-advent-hollow/

    We actually rp here!

    Be aware that this is a new sim. If you pop over and see that it is empty, that means your the first to leave your mark and claim what you can! So don't shy away and wreak some havoc! 

  2. Every Time I would try to log in from my normal computer, it would say that it is unacessable from this computer. I can get on from other computers, but I do not really think my friends would like me stealing their computer everytime I want on SL. This has happend before, but never this long. Can anyone help me? (Preferably one of the people how have the power to fix this.....)

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