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  1. Step into the distant future and find yourself amidst a dystopian fueled world at Club Hexnetic, an LGBTQ owned and operated music venue in Second Life.

    Hexnetic is a combination of futuristic hi-tech and underground hideaway - a truly unique club for music lovers. Owner Ulysses Hexem, also known as DJ Cursed, has gathered creative contributions from all over Second Life to imagine a uniquely themed music venue making the atmosphere at Hexnetic truly electric. With experience in building roleplay destinations and other venues, Ulysses says, “Hexnetic is all about the music. Many of our DJ's are very talented, have been in Second Life for a very long time, and some work as DJs in Real Life as well. But we all share the same vision: we want to keep music alive in Second Life, through sharing many different genres of music from around the world.”

    When asked what Second Life means to him, Ulysses shares, “Second Life to me is the people. The community. I have met so many amazing people here. I have made many friends and consider those family. We are very tight knit. We are there for each other, online and offline. Connections are very important to people. Even more so during trying times. Being of the LGBTQ community, I bring that with me. Open arms, everyone is welcome and accepted. There are no barriers. I have found here what often I have failed to find in Real Life. That may sound like a bad thing, but the truth is that it is often hard to find those with shared interests. Whereas Second Life gives people the opportunity to meet and converse with a vast array of people from all walks of life. It truly opens you up to new knowledge and experiences.”

    If you're looking for a place to cut loose without anyone judging you for being yourself, this is definitely the destination for you!

    Video Production by Draxtor Despres

  2. Inara Pey - 19.jpg

    "Artsville is the name given to a new collaborative arts hub in Second Life, which opened over the weekend of June 24th through 26th with a trio of 2D art exhibitions. The hub is the work of Vally Lavender-Prodigy (Valium Lavender), who provides the space for the hub on her ValiumSL region; Frank Atisso, who has closed his own Art Korner to focus on curating Artsville, with the overall design and layout of the hub by Megan Prumier." Read more on the blog.

  3. The Concierge and Land User Group meeting is a monthly, public meeting for discussion and education on Second Life, useful to both Mainland Residents and Estate owners.

    Topics include any issues relating to Customer Relations/Support or concerning Land in general (mainland, islands, Linden Homes, estates, auctions, etc.).

    Join Wendi, Vix, and members of the Land team, on Wednesday at 12pm PT at Linden Estate Services.  All are welcome.

  4. Kimmy Clementine - insta.jpg

    June is here and we're celebrating the beauty of Pride together on our updated Pride landing page with colorful imagery from Second Life Residents, including today's pic of the day by Kimmy Clementine!

    Look out for our LGBTQ+ Community Page that we'll be launching later this month with interviews from many in our community!

    Happy Pride Month!  🌈🏳️‍🌈


    For a chance to have your image featured as the Second Life pic of the day (and on our community pages as well as other social campaigns), submit your work to the Official Second Life Flickr Group, but don't forget to read the rules!

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  5. Happy Wednesday!

    We’re writing to remind everyone that we’ll be holding our monthly Web User Group meeting today at 14:00 SLT in our usual meeting place, where we’ll be discussing our status with ongoing projects and our near future plans for our web properties. As always, we’ll leave plenty of time for Q&A from the community. We look forward to seeing you there!

  6. We will be performing an update to the Second Life Login service on Monday, April 11th beginning at approximately 9:00 AM PDT and expected to complete before 10:00 AM PDT. Viewer logins will be unavailable for a portion of this maintenance period.

    This update includes a fix to new device email notifications for newly created accounts, performance improvements for the viewer login handshake, and improvements to metrics and diagnostics for our internal tools. Most of these changes are behind the scenes and should not change the login experience for Residents once the maintenance is completed.

    If you experience viewer login issues during the deployment window, please wait and try again later. Keep an eye on the Second Life Status Blog for updates. Thank you for your patience!

    UPDATE: The maintenance is now completed.

  7. Hi Everybody! 

    I would like to introduce a new member of the Linden Support team, Boxy 5000. 

    Boxy 5000 is a virtual assistant/support bot trainee. 

    But wait, wasn’t there already a chatbot who answered questions for premium users? Indeed there was! Boxy 3000 was the earlier model of the trainee chatbot. 

    We are learning from some design flaws and moving forward with a more advanced bot. Boxy 3000 has been re-invented and given an extra 2000! 

    But wait a second time! Won’t this bring about the machine apocalypse? Not just yet–Boxy 5000 is more advanced and learns as they go but Skynet is still a few upgrades away. 

    The upgraded bot will be a 24/7 support option for both premium and non-premium residents! (Previously only available for premium customers.)

    Boxy will have the ability to answer commonly asked questions, keep you up to date on current issues, help with ticket submission and in some cases handle a support request. 

    Boxy has uses for all residents, from early adopters to fresh new faces. 

    For new and more casual residents Boxy is available to help them find the support they need. 

    For our seasoned veterans Boxy can offer support options for some specific requests. Specifically, Boxy will be able to submit an abuse report on your behalf and in some cases help with the restart of a region!

    Boxy will continue to learn as we go. Boxy might not have all the answers currently, but we will continue to review questions posed and help the bot to better answer your support queries. 

    We realize that a chat bot is not a substitute for a customer support representative, and this bot is not meant to be. It is however meant to help when we are unavailable or may be experiencing higher call volumes. 

    For premium residents Boxy will only be the first point of contact before being passed to a support representative during office hours. Utilize Boxy to help better explain your issue once you are transferred to a support representative. Outside of office hours Boxy can help or create a ticket for when we are back in the office.

    The ability to get an answer to your question or to get your issue resolved without having to wait until our Support Lindens are available is Boxy’s primary directive.

    Anyone interested in saying hello to Boxy can access it by logging into our support portal. The Boxy 5000 chat widget should appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.  

    Boxy 5000.jpg

    Boxy 5000, it’s advanced… 

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