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Found 2 results

  1. Creator Jenaia Morane describes Braided Lives as “a multimedia, multiplatform initiative designed to bring people from around the planet together to create, collaborate, and build community.” It currently features a music installation called Songs for Ukraine. Jenaia has been a Resident for over 14 years, telling us, “the most important lesson I’ve learned is that people are people wherever and however they choose to appear, and virtual reality has a lot to teach us about what it means to be human.” As a response to the overwhelming emotions that many of us feel these days as a result of chaotic global events and uncertainty about the future, Jenaia applied those values to Braided Lives. As one of countless people who saw the devastation of the Ukrainian invasion and felt a frustrating sense of powerlessness, Jenaia realized “What I am, however, is a storyteller who has learned that sharing our stories through song is one of the best ways to open hearts and keep hope and courage alive in the world.” Jenaia goes into great detail on the various goals of the Songs for Ukraine project: Entertain, Educate, and Inspire: “Bring people from around the world together to enjoy live music that supports and celebrates Ukraine. The concerts are held in recreations of places in Ukraine - e.g., the subways where people are living to escape the Russian bombs. These spaces are meant to give attendees a sense of what the Ukrainians are experiencing, including the hope and courage they’re displaying through their music. (Each live concert is broadcast in both SL and on the web so that anyone, anywhere with an internet connection can enjoy them. They are also recorded and archived so those unable to attend the live shows can listen later.)” Support and Educate: “Though we do not collect money, the “Songs for Ukraine” concerts provide information on more than 14 organizations that are offering aid to Ukraine. We also share poetry by Ukrainian poets and are starting to interview and post the work of Ukrainian artists and musicians.” Build Bridges: “To be effective, the work being done in virtual spaces needs to become readily available, easily accessible, and seen as relevant to the rest of the world. This is where music has a vital role to play: it crosses any and all boundaries, opens hearts, and reminds us that what we have in common far outweighs our differences.” Walking through the region feels like an episodic journey through space and time, as each section has a unique aesthetic and feels insulated in a comforting manner. The air of serenity makes it easy to relax, and art pieces are perfectly balanced with the natural beauty of the outdoors. Eventually Residents happen upon a seating area on an enclosed square of sand, reminiscent of a zen garden. Just past that, a literal approach to the concept of a word tree that provokes visitors to think about familiar concepts in a new light. Jenaia’s endeavor to foster resilience, hope, and connection features banners with inspiring quotes at the entrance and multiple stages for speaking and/or performing. There is also ample room for quiet contemplation, as one can see at a memorial for Ebbe Altberg, who many Residents remember as the CEO of Linden Lab until his passing last year. The poem “Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep” encourages the reader to live in the present moment and not be focused on the past or weighed down by grief for those lost. All are welcome to visit Braided Lives. In a world that teaches us to be constantly moving, allow yourself to rest. You deserve it, maybe more than you know. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Musicians in order of appearance: Cylindrian Rutabaga, Frogg Marlowe, and Raspbury Rearwin. Braided Lives Braided Lives is a multi-platform initiative designed to bring people from all walks of life together to tell their stories and collaborate on the creation of a more equitable and sustainable future. The concept was born in response to the isolation, stress, anger, and frustration that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing racial tensions. For more info, visit braidedlives.com Visit in Second Life
  2. We are a complete nonprofit underwater area. Dive down into the waters of The Mermaid Retreat dance floor with DJ Kitsune and her hostess Ceto. Zen out under the waves from 12pm SLT -2pm SLT. Landmark below. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frozen Field/93/37/1641
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